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Greek business migrates to neighbouring countries

19 August 2015 / 13:08:19  GRReporter
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Politics is at the fore of economy, as they say. And when there is political turmoil, it is logical to expect economic turmoil as well. Greece is no exception, and what is more, economic turmoil has led to political turmoil and political turmoil to economic turmoil in recent years. The last turn of this vicious circle has affected both citizens and Greek companies. Our latest poll focused on companies and the forecasts for their migration to neighbouring countries under pressure from the increasing tax burden and the uncertain economic climate. In this connection we asked, "Do you think that predictions of mass exodus of Greek companies in neighbouring countries will come true?"

We will make a summary of the poll on the Greek page of GRReporter first. The migration of companies during an economic, financial and social crisis is a factor that could exacerbate the problems facing Greek society, rather than accelerate their solution. Such migration would affect both the state, because of decreasing taxes and the ordinary citizens, because of the lack of jobs. 62% of respondents on the Greek page are of the opinion that thousands of companies have already left the country and have transferred their activities to the territory of Bulgaria and Macedonia whereas 23% believe there will be no Greek companies in the near future, thus intensifying the pessimistic perceptions. 15% of readers think that such a forecast is valid only for small businesses, as Greece is the better market for medium and large companies. An interesting fact is that the option of shipping magnates moving to Cyprus if taxes continue to rise ranks last, as not a single reader has supported it. We know that shipping is one of the jewels of the Greek economy and the mere thought of its possible loss provokes an unpleasant feeling in every Greek. This is probably why this response has received not a single vote.

The Bulgarian readers of our website are somewhat favoured by the positive response to the question. The migration of companies to Bulgaria means more capital, more production, more jobs and more taxes for the state. As the saying goes, ''happiness at the misfortune of others''. 45% of readers respond that thousands of Greek companies have transferred their activities to Bulgaria (Macedonia) since the crisis has begun. 31% of voters in the poll indicate that they are mostly small companies whereas the large Greek companies have not yet taken such drastic measures. 13% support the extremely pessimistic scenario that soon there will be no viable business in Greece. 11% are of the opinion that if taxes continue to rise, shipping magnates will prefer neighbouring Cyprus.

The votes on the English page of our website are similar. 45% of readers respond that thousands of companies have moved to Bulgaria and Macedonia. The pessimistic perception of the situation is a bit stronger as 24% believe that soon there will be no Greek companies. 17% predict that shipping magnates will move their fleets to Cyprus. 14% are of the opinion that only small companies can afford such a radical move and Greece remains the better market for big business.

As the beginning of the political season is approaching, our new poll asks you, "What do you expect to happen in Greece in September?" Do not forget to comment on your vote in the section below the poll.

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