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In February we will pay old debts

02 February 2013 / 10:02:16  GRReporter
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This article will inform you about the astrological picture for the period 1 – 28 February and for which people it will be of importance. In their movement in the celestial sphere the planets activate different parts of the astrological zodiac and therefore the climate they create affects everyone in a different way, since it is in direct relation to their individual horoscopes.

In the previous article I informed you that, after 10 January, the background and "sets" on the world scene would change. Many areas would attract attention with an urgent need for restructuring and the introduction of a new order. New ordinances, however, require something completely new and unused so far. Efficiency will be the key word - each structure that has been shaken must be transformed in a new and different way, in order to achieve efficiency.

I also expected "déjà vu" situations to happen - a return from the past - which would require a different approach, since the old rules would not work. One way or another, everyone would return to a past situation in their personal life, but this time they would be able to choose a new path. A lot of the older models - both worldwide and individually - would prove to be useless and in need of an "overhaul."

In January, I expected that a more cumbersome process would begin in the world associated with challenges against the established rules and authority figures. A difficult time would begin for state leaders in which it would become clear whether they were the right leaders or not.

What is the astrological situation in February?

In February, the trends that started after 10 January will continue - one by one, the old and useless models, structures and organisations will continue to fall into disuse and will require a new approach. It is the time to find new, more effective ways - in the sphere of business, finance, economics, politics, technology, connections and relationships, or in any other area of life. Clearly, this is not a process that can be started and completed in three days. Nor will it happen without resistance.

The process associated with challenging rules and authoritative people in the world is continuing. For the leaders, a difficult time has begun and it will last for quite a long time. I expect to see reactions from both extremes - from defeatist resignations and withdrawals aimed at avoiding futile confrontations, to extremely violent battles. On a personal level, this will also be reflected - people will either challenge others and will not comply with rules and regulations, or they will be challenged themselves or will be affected due to violations of rules by someone else.

On 2 February, Jupiter exits its retrograde phase. The symbolism of the planetary retrograde phase is that we always turn back after the next step forward in order to evaluate, compare, find useful and valuable things, see errors. The last four months, in which this phenomenon was active, constituted a period in which everyone was thinking how much they have taken from life and how much they can handle. It was a time for thought, in which everyone, one way or another, had to get a clearer view of where they are going.

On 18 February, Saturn, in turn, will enter its four-month retrograde phase. A time, in which we will get the opportunity to look back and fix all the necessary things. This will happen in the sign of Scorpio, which symbolises a purification of the past, a purification of everything that can become an obstacle for us tomorrow. It symbolises death in a different form, the birth of the new, of what we can take from others, but only after paying the price; to pay old debts or to get what we have already paid for. Thus, on a personal level (depending on your birthday horoscope), for some people, this may be a time of prosperity, while for others - a time for restrictions and losses.

I will now point out the areas in the zodiac affected by the planetary movements in February. I will also indicate the dates when the Sun is approximately in these areas and, therefore, will have an influence on the people born on these dates regardless of the year. For the other planets, you need to check your personal horoscope. Look at the table, find the relevant planet and connect the keywords for it with what I have written.

Period 1-28 February for people with a planet in the area:

19° - 24° Taurus (people born between 9 and 14 May)

This is a time when you will start creating the picture of the environment that you need. You will find what has already lost its effectiveness and needs to change. Innovative ideas and decisions will come one after the other. You may have deep hesitation whether to leave the safe and familiar environment, although you realise how useless it is. You have a chance to meet people and find yourself in circumstances that will allow you to change this situation. It will not be very comfortable for you, but this is the right direction in which to go.

Period 20-28 February for people with a planet in the area:

23° - 28° Gemini (people born between 14 and 19 June)

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