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Of easy and hard things in life

20 March 2015 / 12:03:00  GRReporter
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Human life is like that, not everything runs like clockwork. Nobody wants to have hardships and problems, but they are an integral part of life and they always occur. Whether we want it or not, there are certain areas and topics in life that are a pain in the neck, because they are a source of hardships and obstacles. Of course, life is always fair (no matter that the opposite statement is common) and therefore it compensates us through areas and subjects that work very well for us, without much effort. This is a pattern in nature.

Today’s article is about the spheres of life that bring the greatest hardships to us and in which things happen without any resistance. The pattern in nature, namely that there is everything in order for a perfect balance to exist, is woven into the astrological symbolism of the individual elements. All components in the horoscope, including the planets, zodiac signs and houses are divided into two categories: the first group includes those that create ease and a favourable conjunction of circumstances and the second consists of those that create difficulties, obstacles, problems and stress.

I am far from simply dividing things into good and bad, into light and easy, and clear. What creates hardships and tensions and faces us with obstacles is a kind of controlling factor in life. It makes us stop and think, sometimes it just saves us from a lot of trouble. Imagine a huge forest fire in front of you and the lack of water nearby, which you could use to limit this fire. Imagine huge amounts of water and the lack of land/walls to limit it, to control the spill.

In the personal horoscope, the planet that rules the sign of the Ascendant is called the ruler of the individual. The Ascendant represents the person as a physical presence on earth, as an object, and it is extremely important in terms of how we move on earth, how we are positioned and how we interact with the world around us as physical beings. Therefore, the ruling planet is crucial in assessing almost everything in the horoscope. In this regard, the areas that bring the biggest obstacles in life and those in which everything is easy depend on the relationship between the relevant planets and the planet that rules the Ascendant.

Things are very simple, so I will explain them with an analogy. Imagine Peter, whose Ascendant is in Aries and the ruling planet is Mars. Peter faces serious difficulties in his relationship with his boss and he does not know how they both regularly end up in conflict situations. Peter’s boss is symbolically represented by Saturn, which rules the managers in his case. Since Mars and Saturn are two planets that do not get along easily, the greatest obstacles for Peter are associated with achievements in life and with all superiors. Mars is vigorous and energetic and Saturn controls it precisely, since "the work must be done efficiently, in the best possible way." Of course, the fact that Peter encounters obstacles does not automatically mean that he cannot achieve anything substantial, to the contrary. But in his case, his career, professional achievement, relations with superiors will remain an area in which he will regularly be faced with difficulties and problems.

Below I will include only basic information based on how different areas of life are connected according to the planets that rule them. I want to emphasize that, sometimes, in areas where things should happen with ease, the situation is different because a "difficult" planet stands there. The opposite is also true - where there are challenges, they are not so significant due to the presence of a planet that removes them, figuratively speaking.

For example, if you were born with Ascendant Aries, issues of love and travelling happen with ease, without much effort. However, if Saturn is in the fifth house which is responsible for love affairs, this topic will surely bring certain obstacles and not so pleasant moments.

Ascendant in Aries
The areas and topics that bring many hardships and challenges are associated with the uncontrollable rush for higher life status and success. You are intolerant by nature to all those who, in one way or another, are dominant over you and with whom you have to comply. You face challenges when you achieve success and gain prestige, when you are at the top of something. It is not easy for you to hold them tight in your hands because the words "reasonably, appropriate" are not present in your vocabulary.

The areas and topics in which things happen with ease and without special effort relate to trips abroad, long distance journeys, contacts with foreigners, obtaining a good and useful education, and also to luck and love in life. Although you are always in a hurry, an interesting fact is that your long term investment from which you earn in the future is often quite profitable and you do not know how it has happened.

Ascendant in Taurus
The areas and topics that bring many hardships and challenges relate to other people’s resources, especially to banks and inheritances. You are one of those people who most often encounter tax and insurance problems, complications with loans, as well as issues related to property which you have not acquired with your own hands. You face challenges and problems in terms of friends, of the people on whose support and protection you rely. Too often, you pay attention to the beautiful packaging, thus being unable to see the bomb that is inside.

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