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The desire for sex could turn into a problem for a relationship

30 October 2010 / 15:10:16  GRReporter
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Perhaps it sounds like a joke for everybody that sex can be a problem for a relationship and will surely we can find a lot of men who are praying for a woman sex maniac, but the question is when they find her - what happens after that?

At the age of 36 Eva started cheating on her husband with a 20-years old football player. The news fell like a bomb because she has repeatedly stated that her husband is the love of her life. The starting reason for her infidelities is that thy do not have enough sex - morning and evening. With her ego being hurt by the rejection and with broken hormonal system, Eva throws herself passionately into the arms of the young football players and started a parallel relationship with him, says an article in the magazine "Marie Claire". After her husband learned of the afternoon adventures of his wife long dramas started that lead to the dissolution of the marriage. Eva continued her love affair with the young football player with the full consciousness that it will not take her anywhere and is based solely on good sex. But it comes the time when he himself had to leave for training in Italy and then Eve goes crazy - yelling and screaming started on the phone, she complained that her body has unmet needs. While her lover was in Italy, Eva started dating men her age and a lot of strangers...

Increased libido has a cost for the women - hairiness, acne, hair loss, mutation of the voice and clitoridomegaly. Obviously none of this happened to Eva, but the female libido is more intricate case than we imagine and all the scientific research about sexual desires at the moment revolve around a woman's brain.

33-year-old Maria started to have sex with Costas when she was 22. At first he was afraid to be bound with her, because when the girl was going to the restroom she was staying there for more than an hour and after that she was saying she was with another man. She said that when she was a student in London and her parents had come to visit her, one night when they went out, Mary could not resist and invited a 50-years old lover she had. Her parents caught her in the action together with him and she got terribly ashamed. Of her many lovers, only with Costas she had the same incentives to have sex, but at one point he got married. The relationship did not end there - Costas presented Maria to his wife as a friend, but continued to have love affairs with her. After an ugly divorce, Costas decided to marry Maria, but over time his attitude towards her in bed changed and he began to behave strangely whenever exaggerated. The young woman decided she could no longer stand the extremes and jealousy of Costas and the two parted.

They say that the dependence and addiction to sex are like those to cocaine - the brain releases and the sexoholics get addicted to the chemical substances that affect and drug addicts. In America there are seminars for Anonymous sexoholics and treatment programs that apply the same 12 steps as in the treatment of alcoholics. And if at the beginning of 2001 there weren’t separate groups for men and women, the number of women addicted to sex is increasing and they already have their own groups. In Greece, no such groups exist. The only thing that addicted men and women can do is to turn to psychoanalyst or classical psychologist.

Therapists themselves say that sex is harmful only if it has catastrophic results for life, writes "Marie Claire". To bring yourself to behave in a certain way that you do not like, just to have sex, or to dissolve a marriage because of a sexual relationship without a meaning or to spend money and time on porn sites, or to have sex with strangers whom you met on Facebook. Easy to recognize are the symptoms of dependence in men and women who dig through the sites - if they start to spend more time there, if they tried to control their behavior and have failed to do it, if they feel restless and nervous when they try to control themselves, when trying to escape from problems and this gives them a sense of relaxation, when they tell lies to hide, when it starts to have economic consequences for them as well as when they confuse the real with the virtual world.

The difference between somebody who enjoys spending many hours devoted sex activities in bed is different than addiction. In the book of mental disorders, hyper sexuality is defined as spending too much time on sexual fantasies and orgies, in order to kills your stress or depression. Then it gets really difficult to tell apart at first glance a person who is really dependent on the sex from the sensualist.

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