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Conflict: the Only Way to Achieve Harmony of Differences

13 July 2014 / 18:07:41  GRReporter
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Conflicts and situations in which you need to resolve disputes, are unfortunately often present in our lives. No matter how hard we try to avoid them, it suffices to bring two people together to have a future conflict as a result. All that separates people and distinguishes them from one another is a potential source of a conflict. The fact that we are separate human beings, is some kind of division too. We differ in terms of gender, age, nationality, social position, community and professional affiliation. We differ in terms of residence and beliefs, in anything you can think of, even  in terms of hair and eye colour.

Today's article is about the approach we have in conflict situations. How we perceive and solve them. To some extent, conflict is actually the only way to achieve harmony between the differences we have. Therefore the conflicts in our lives do not exist only to embitter us. They help us become more aware that we live in a colourful world of variety in which there is room for everyone.

In the personal horoscope, there is an area called the Sixth House. That's the analogue of the Virgo sign. The popular meaning attributed to it is associated with service, order, the way a person proceeds, routine, lifestyle, with the ways of maintaining physical health: medicine, other treatments, diseases one is prone to. Frankly, at first glance there is nothing brilliant, beautiful and attractive in the symbolism of this house - these are all things people are rarely interested in. What is more, they refer to them with a feeling of discomfort, not to say that people would rather get rid of them if they can.

Therefore the Sixth house in personal horoscope plays "the unpleasant role" so to speak, it describes our "enemies" or what can make us "sick." These are accidents, disease, obligations, people with whom we have strained relations, or lead wars against in lawsuits, all kinds of fights, bad habits and vices. The Sixth house is all we have to fight literally and figuratively to maintain good physical and material existence.

 And just because of everything thoroughly described here, this area in the horoscope is of particular importance. Everyone wants to have a good life, good health and a good material existence. But without working, struggling or making efforts, without having the capability of winning, you can't achieve anything. Even the heirs of billionaires who have everything by default, cannot lead a good life if all of the above is missing.

 In astrology, one of the postulates states: a person with a strong Sixth house in his/her personal horoscope, is able to win over their enemies and prevail over their opponents. Only if one has the power to win, can one rise in life and take a high position in his field. What is meant by "enemies" is everything we perceive as an obstacle: diseases, obligations, incidents and people we compete with, or rivals in every respect.

 So, no matter how "unpleasant and unhappy" this house is, without its strength, it's hard to survive in a world of fierce competition. Here lies the theme of what conflicts we give priority to, how we approach them, how we perceive and resolve them, if we have the strength to win. And, not to sound too dramatic, let me say something good about the symbolism of the Sixth house, which is buried deeper and is hard to discern - the Sixth house shows what our capacity is to improve  our lives, how many social, public and professional steps we can climb up, whether we can take precedence and prevail over the people around us.

 The Sixth house depends mainly on one's Ascendant, as it is the material expression of the conflicts and the way they take place in our lives. Also, it is advisable to take into consideration the position of the Moon and Sun, i.e. of the three basic factors in the personal horoscope. The Sixth house from the Moon shows our emotional reaction, what instincts we have in terms of conflicts and hostile situations. The Sixth house from the Sun shows the power of our spirit and the will we have.

 Now I will give you information on the Sixth house position. Read the information below about the sign of the Ascendant, Sun or Moon. Thus you will have the complete picture.

  Ascendant, the Sun or Moon in Aries

   The Sixth house falls in Virgo. The most common conflicts you encounter are related to your style of work, attitude towards responsibilities and tasks, to the performance of routine and domestic commitments. Conflicts with colleagues and  the team of people you work with are quite common too. You approach controversial situations without any emotion, taking them quite normally and without thinking that something extraordinary has happened. For you, dispute is an essential part of every activity. You solve it by careful inspection of all details, you are backed up with arguments and facts, looking for a solution how to fix things without too much explanation. Your strength in conflict situations comes from your ability to be very accurate and precise. Your winning in every dispute is based on "when facts speak, Gods remain silent." Whether you win more often than you lose during conflicts depends on the influence of Mercury in your personal horoscope.

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