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To be more convincing - Mercury

24 June 2015 / 12:06:53  GRReporter
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Everyone has been in situations that require him or her to convince someone of something, and everyone has been the object of someone's attempt to be convinced of something. The technology of persuasion is different from the technology of manipulation, because persuasion essentially aims to satisfy the interests of all those who are involved in the situation.

Today’s article is about the methods of persuasion that one is skilful at and uses in the best possible way. Accordingly, he or she succumbs most easily to exactly the same methods. Therefore, do not reproach someone if you are faced with "pigheaded stubbornness" - you are just using the methods to which that person does not react.

The process of persuasion is a kind of collision and gaining mastery over someone, but in a quiet and peaceful, and even enjoyable manner. It also involves the use of "weapons", strategies, "fighting" with someone, the ultimate goal being to convince him or her of something, make him or her trust you and support you. The sixth house in the personal horoscope symbolizes and describes everything that one should overcome, literally and figuratively, in order for that person to be able to maintain a good physical and material existence. The power to win, prevail over opponents and deal with any "enemies" and to be convincing falls under the rule of the sixth house in the horoscope.

I have mentioned in the previous articles that, according to one of the major astrological postulates, when the sixth house in the horoscope is strong, when its ruler is well positioned and supported by other planets, then that person knows how to win and advance in life. The charisma that paves the way in life and enables a person to go through any obstacles, "enchant" and subordinate others, overcome conflicts, competition, rivalry, persuade people in discussions and debates is due to a strong sixth house in the horoscope.

Since the planet Mercury closely relates to the intellectual power of people, the sixth house considered from Mercury shows the method of persuasion that one masters best as well as the methods to which one succumbs, i.e. how someone could convince you most easily and quickly.

I will write the information that is derived from the zodiac sign in which the sixth house falls, considered from Mercury. If you do not know the sign in which Mercury falls in your personal horoscope, read the information on the sign where the Sun falls by birth, because Mercury deviates no more than 28° from it and often falls in the same sign. However, Mercury may be positioned in one of the neighbouring signs. For example, if you were born with the Sun in Taurus, then Mercury may be found in Aries, Taurus or Gemini.

Mercury in Aries
The sixth house falls in Virgo and is ruled by Mercury. The methods you use to persuade are associated with a skilful game of numbers, facts, arguments, details. You power lies in your ability to go into detail, be precise and break everything to the last particle. Mercury is a "skilful, witty and clever" planet that knows how to "joke, be funny, and play with words." Therefore, sometimes you can resort to expedients and intrigues, use clever jokes and a solid dose of humour to be convincing. Very often, the critic dressed in humour is a tool that you use in a very appropriate manner. You yourself can be easily persuaded if someone else uses the same strategy.

Mercury in Taurus
The sixth house falls in Libra and is ruled by Venus. The methods you use to persuade are related to a polite and kind presentation of your viewpoint. Your strength is to bet on beauty and pleasure, to emphasize only the best part. Often, you may use that "I-seek-advice" trick by which, step-by-step, you drive the other to give you exactly the advice that you have had in mind from the outset. And naturally, the one that is giving advice cannot but support you, i.e. you have convinced him or her of your opinion. Venus is a "seductive, artistic, beautiful" planet and therefore you are very convincing when using this style. However, you yourself very easily succumb to the same tactics of persuasion.

Mercury in Gemini
The sixth house falls in Scorpio and is ruled by Mars (Pluto). The methods you use to persuade are related to the manifestation of power, expression of superiority and inspiration with fear/threat. Naturally, you do not do it directly but others feel it in your words, intonation and behaviour. Your strength is your ability to skilfully master and control the fear of others. Mars is the planet that knows how to "cut, burn and fight" and Pluto makes it profound and able to do so in a hidden, unnoticed manner. Therefore, some extremes of the "either-or" type and methods of coercion are present in your style of persuasion. You yourself also succumb to this strategy of persuasion.

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