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August - good chances after chaos and problems

01 August 2015 / 09:08:32  GRReporter
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This article will introduce you to the astrological picture for the period 1-31 August. I will start with the general picture as a whole and then make individual forecasts.

In the previous article, I informed you that the first half of July would be full of initiatives, impulses for action, intensive movement and increased personal assertiveness. The second half would be more important, as it would set conditions for the development of interesting events. The basic principle that would be in force was to succeed where there had been a failure or to fail where there had been a success. The new moon that formed the atmosphere in the second half of July occurred in an area that is called "again; to return, to renew something." But it was a sign to be careful, as something not so pleasant could reemerge. July was also the month in which you would receive gifts from fate. Therefore, if you obtained something without any effort, without expecting it or wanting it, it would be helpful.

The retrograde phase of Venus marked the end of the month, but actually it was felt from its beginning. All kinds of relationships would enter into a period of reassessment, reconsideration. In socio-political terms, diplomacy and international relations would be affected too, coming to a standstill and reconsideration. Previously unresolved marital and intimate problems would return in private life, as well as memories of past love and previous relationships.

What to expect in August 2015?
On 11 August Jupiter will enter Virgo and will remain there until September 2016. Due to this, the field of health, healthy lifestyle, agriculture, crafts and light industry will come to the fore. There will be various opportunities to improve them. Jupiter is the planet of good chances. Very often, however, these chances do not appear on the red carpet but through problem situations. Who would have decided to look for new opportunities, if everything was all right? Therefore, I expect some chaos and problems to appear upon Jupiter entering Virgo, which will become a catalyst to progress and improvements.

The New Moon in August that will accompany the transition of Jupiter will occur in a sector that symbolizes lineal heredity, fate/karma and therefore brings something that must be done not to stop progress and life, so that man and society be strong in every sense. Therefore, in public and social terms, I expect the desire to remove "enemies of health and progress" to intensify. Struggles associated with domination may occur, the world's largest conflicts may resume as well. Of course, this belligerence may manifest itself in some hidden way, through manipulation and cunning. However, I do not exclude its manifestation in the form of increased criminal activity, some attacks and riots.

In nature, there will be conditions for earthquakes, for the spread of toxic substances. Pharmaceutical and chemical industries may experience some shocks.

Saturn and Jupiter, the two planets that define the material development of social and human society will form one of their key configurations in August. They will combine in the last quarter phase. It is perhaps the most challenging phase as it contains very strong limits that cannot be overcome. As if you have no choice - you get only one thing whether you like it or not. At that time, when there is no choice, there are many happy people - they simply obtain the best pieces of the cake because they are "lucky". The absence or presence of chance, luck seems to be the thing that will have the greatest significance in August.

Now I will write how August will affect the different sectors in the zodiac, the topics it will provoke and the type of events you can expect. I will make a brief analysis of all of them.

 Find your date of birth in the descriptions below.

29 December-9 January

August will bring new events associated with your professional development, career or education. There will be some tension around you and you may face insurmountable limitations associated with someone else’s funds, joint assets, inheritances. In financial terms, the conditions may be quite dynamic, you may incur unexpected costs and enjoy windfall profits. You will focus on all types of financial matters. Your private life may be somewhat unstable but fate has prepared an important meeting for you. However, refrain from taking important decisions under the influence of emotions.

10 January-22 January

August will bring new developments related to someone else’s resources, common property or inheritances. A twist is in store that you must accept. Some personal issues will come to the fore, which can bring some chaos in the organization and order you have created. You will aspire to improve your personal efficiency through new plans and projects. The financial conditions will be more stable and you will have good opportunities to significantly improve them. The situation in your private life may be a little dramatic, you may encounter insurmountable problems.

23 January-4 February

August will bring new developments associated with partnerships and relationships, both personal and professional. Opportunities will open up to make good alliances. A lot of new people will come around you, your social circle may significantly expand. Some obstacles may appear in your daily round and working conditions. Your relations with bosses and superiors will be tenser. The financial conditions will be controversial, bringing some risks. In terms of private life, August will be calm, you will succeed in something.

5 February-17 February

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