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Attracting and holding someone's attention

14 July 2015 / 16:07:59  GRReporter
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They say that everyone fights for a place under the sun. If you think, there is really no need to fight, as there is plenty of room for everyone. However, the situation is different in terms of the selected place such as geographical location, image, opportunities, career, money and everything happens because of them. Regardless of how capable you are, someone has to notice you first, so that you can take a selected place.

Today's article is on how we attract the attention of others. How to hold it is important too, because very often, it is easy to attract someone's attention but it is difficult to hold it. Naturally, good appearance is always useful in attracting attention. But in most cases, it is very superficial. Making the deepest and strongest impression actually happens in a natural way and no one thinks about it. Life is full of strange things and you are probably wrong if you think that you need to be disciplined and very industrious to draw the attention of your boss, for example. You are barely aware that in 11 of 12 cases your boss notices you for a different reason. It may be because you tell tales from time to time or because you have interesting hobbies.

In the personal horoscope, the Ascendant describes the particular person as a physical object that occupies a particular place and space. The Ascendant is the first impression that comes as a result of the cursory observation by others. Imagine that people are as different as the plants, trees and flowers in a garden. Walking among them, each one impresses you and draws your attention with something specific. One plant impresses you with its bright colours, the second with the fact that it grows in a specific way, the third with its peculiar shape, the fourth because you have tripped over it, and so on. By the same analogy, people attract attention in a different way. Sometimes we think that if we copy someone's style we will produce the desired effect and impress someone, but unfortunately, we often fall short of our expectations.

Forming the impression we create is associated with the planet that rules the Ascendant. Its position in a particular house shows the area in which we are effective, i.e. how to draw more attention and hold the attention we have attracted. If you have your personal horoscope, refer to the tables to see the house where this planet is positioned.

For those who are more advanced in this field, I will note the important connection between the planet that rules the Ascendant and the planet that rules the Descendant. Usually, in the presence of a tense aspect between these two planets or if they are in a state of misaligned reception, the first impression is formed under strained conditions and it is often not very pleasant. If a harmonious aspect and favourable reception connect the two planets, this fact helps the person make a good first impression. Furthermore, if a planet is close to the Ascendant in the personal horoscope, it participates in the formation of "How one makes the most striking impression and with what."

Read the information on the sign of your Ascendant to find out your natural way to attract attention and to hold it. If you know the house of the planet that rules the Ascendant, read the information about it too.

For example, your Ascendant is in Aries and Mars (the ruling planet) is in the third house. The natural way to attract attention is associated with your appearance, physique and clothing. This is due to the Ascendant. The way to draw more attention to yourself and to hold it lies in your ability to always have an interesting story or specific information to tell, or to know someone who can provide it.

Ascendant in Aries
Ruler of Ascendant in the first house

The ruling planet of Aries is Mars. The natural way to attract attention is associated primarily with your appearance in terms of clothing, physique, the way you move, your posture, your skills to do something with your body. Others notice you because, in terms of physique, you stand out in some way when playing sports or you just demonstrate your shapes and physical advantages. Therefore, it is very important for you to pay special attention to clothing (not as a cost but as a style), to the way you show your body, you should focus on yourself, your appearance, on how noticeable you are in terms of physique. These are your most active means to hold other people’s attention long enough to notice your other qualities as well.

Ascendant in Taurus
Ruler of Ascendant in the second house

The ruling planet of Taurus is Venus. The natural way to attract attention is associated primarily with your financial security, how you earn money and accumulate property. Others notice you because of the cost of things you show off, including your car, wristwatch, jewellery, the value of the clothes you are wearing. The way you speak and the words you use also have a strong effect and thereby attract considerable attention. It is very important for you to consider exactly where and how to demonstrate your wealth as there is a real risk of attracting someone's abusive attention. To hold the attention of others long enough to notice your other qualities, you should introduce an element of financial wealth and be careful in terms of how you speak.

Ascendant in Gemini
Ruler of Ascendant in the third house

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