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April is full of emotions and directs us towards new connections

01 April 2015 / 10:04:07  GRReporter
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This article will introduce you to the astrological picture for the period 1-30 April. I will start with the general picture as a whole and then make individual forecasts.

In the previous article I informed you that the atmosphere in March would be quite tense. The new moon that characterized the month occurred in a section the symbolism of which is to prove that you are the strongest, the smartest, the biggest, the greatest, yet the cleverest, the most cunning, the most aggressive. The two "villains" in the solar system, Mars and Saturn, were combined. Therefore, in public terms I expected situations of intransigence, uncompromisingness, even if the price would be high. Violent clashes and sharp relationships were also present during the month. Saturn had a retrograde movement in mid-March. It happens every year, but the important thing in this case is that it will go back to Scorpio in the coming months. This forms circumstances under which a limit is reached, accompanied by blocking and an inability to continue. The achievements of recent months would fall into a dead end after the transition of Saturn in Sagittarius. The only way out would be turning back, which could lead to a new outburst of the hottest political conflicts to seek other ways.

Furthermore, in March there was a solar eclipse, which I guess most of you were able to observe. It occurred in a critical degree that affects the "backbone" of the world and society. This is perhaps the most critical place in the zodiac and therefore, the days around 20 March could bring many important social, political and social events of the "you have no choice" type. Nature also "rebels" at such times, bringing cataclysms, unusual climate and turmoil.

On the personal level, the majority of people could feel the month as a dividing line, as the time to finalize some matters. March promised to be difficult for relationships, especially for marriages and business partnerships. The differences would come to the fore and if they were significant, they would lead to extremes, violent conflicts, driving everyone to take his or her own path.

In individual terms, the eclipse affected people born in the days around 20 March and 22 September, bringing events that marked the beginning of a new phase of life in terms of your personal physical condition, career, professional development, public status.

What to expect in April 2015?
The new moon and the solar eclipse that occurred at the end of March dictated the main atmosphere. This is a very special degree in the zodiac - it is not only the last degree in Pisces, but also the last in the zodiacal circle. Something like the end of the end.

The new moon will bring a series of situations that have reached a limit and the only way out is to resort to seemingly not so good actions. Everything is being done in the name of something bigger that should be achieved. This means a manifestation of a greater determination, reminiscent of ruthlessness and cruelty. The main trend is for the most important processes in society to be carried out in a secret manner, shrouded by some mystery. Therefore, in political and social terms, April will mark the beginning of things that will become clear months later. We can witness some events that have vague grounds as well as actions that seem totally illogical. However, their logic is flawless and it will become clear much later.

On 4 April, there will be a Lunar Eclipse on the Aries and Libra axis. It designates April as the month that will put an end to issues associated with agreements, alliances, contracts. The symbolism of this eclipse is a "clenched fist" which has a double meaning. On the one hand, the fist means a desire and ambition to grab and not drop. But on the other, the fist is a symbol of unification. Therefore, I assume that there will be some redistribution of territories, wealth, resources in political and international terms, and accordingly, some agreements will be reached.

On the personal level, April can be very emotional, especially with regard to relations between people. This topic came to the fore in March, but rather in the form of arriving at a critical point and unleashing conflicts. April will create conditions for the completion of issues and for new connections. On 8 April, Jupiter will "go straight". This will boost optimism, giving rise to a desire for expansion, especially in relation to partnerships and alliances of all kinds.

The Lunar Eclipse will individually affect those people who are born 2-3 days before or after 4 April and 8 October. They should expect the results of a long-term project, important relationships in life will go to another stage, important issues of life will finally be solved.

Because an eclipse marks April, some destructive natural events, acts of aggression and shocking news are not excluded either, especially in the days around 6 April and 15 April.

Now I will write how April will affect the different zodiac sectors, the topics it will provoke and the events you can expect. I will make a brief analysis of all of them.

Find your date of birth in the descriptions below.

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