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9 +1 things that you will never be told about in the gym

09 February 2013 / 15:02:16  GRReporter
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The first months of the year are the best time to enrol in a gym. On the one hand, there is the decision to change in the New Year, while on the other hand, fitness clubs' offers are enough to convince anyone that it is the time to sweat. However, what are the secrets that you will never be told in the gym?

1. It will be a miracle if you stay until April

No matter how convinced you are that, this year, you will follow the entire programme that you have paid for in advance, the truth is that you'll probably leave as early as before April. This is more than expected by fitness clubs that will have the opportunity to provide new offers, which means new members just before the summer.

2. Cleanness is only halfway

Around 80% of diseases are transmitted by direct or indirect contact. Even these figures alone rank gyms first as allies of microbes. Sweating indoors, weights and equipment that pass from the hands of one trainee to another without any disinfection - these are the ideal conditions for the transmission of germs.

3. Did you get hurt? Ouch!

Although training ensures good health, the truth is that gyms are places where someone could get easily injured. From a simple muscle strain to cramps for those who are more careless and concentrate their efforts to run on the treadmill too hard - gyms should be prepared, but, unfortunately, most of them do not have qualified staff and continue to hope that nothing will happen.

4. Our instructors are good, but ...

Have you ever asked a fitness club to show you some official documents confirming that your instructors are really qualified to train you? The answer is probably negative. Large gyms that hire people without proper qualifications also hope so.

5. You want to stop? Never.

If you think that the gym will let you leave the training, you are wrong. Of course, they are not interested in your body health, but in the money each member pays. Therefore, they will do anything in order to bombard you with new offers and gifts, which will be difficult to resist. Before you sign up, ask for the club's policy regarding a member leaving.

6. According to the contract

Since the devil is in the detail, before you sign, read the contract's terms very well. Usually, small letters list details that are not even imaginable. Pay attention to the rules of fines in case of delays in payment.

7. Our equipment is ... excellent

Most fitness clubs advertise the best equipment with the latest technology that can make you muscular and healthy in a short time. In theory, this is good but make sure that it is true. Precisely because of the fact that a lot of people visit gyms and use the same equipment, the latter is easily damaged and never replaced. As a result, the risk of getting hurt is much greater. Make sure that the equipment is in order before you use it and ask a qualified trainer who can show you how to use each piece of equipment.

8. Everything can be negotiated

If you are looking for a gym that you will like, you should study the market first. Visit various clubs, make sure that their offers are worth it. Make a list of pros and cons for each gym and talk to the manager about the "something more" that they can offer you.

9. Be careful of your personal belongings

You can see captions on lockers and other places stating that you should watch out for your belongings, but you will never see the sequel, stating that the club is not liable in case of theft - it is probably written in small letters in the contract that you have not read.

10. Court trials that you will lose ...

Fitness clubs, especially large ones, that are part of chains, are legally protected. These are multinational companies that do not give away anything to anyone. Therefore, it is almost impossible to win anything if you sue them, even if you're absolutely right.

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