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2016 - new discoveries, a changing political elite and a lot of optimism

31 December 2015 / 09:12:38  GRReporter
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The time has come to look ahead to the New Year 2016, to strike a balance, wish for something new and prepare for what is in store for us.
In the beginning, I will briefly return to the year 2015 that is coming to its end. It was distinguished by the fact that the world faced new tasks during it, which were associated with the revision and stabilization of areas such as education, justice, human ethics. It also affected international relations, trade, trips around the world, publishing areas and all professions in the field of culture, arts and education.
 2015 was the year that "sounded" like metal. This meant that warlike and aggressive processes in the world continued to develop, but mainly towards the conclusion of important international peace pacts and agreements in military terms, in the field of defence and security. There was a stronger pursuit for more movement, relocating to foreign countries, trips but also signs that some regulations would be imposed.

I mentioned that travelling around the world would give less pleasure, in one way or another – due to constraints, requirements or simply because there would be more frustration and unfulfilled expectations. The second half of the year would contain conditions for an increased movement of people, but mainly to going where they would feel at home. There would also be an increase in traffic problems, whether with vehicles or with permits to cross borders.

The second half of the year was more favourable in economic terms and as regards the opening of good market niches, especially in education, agriculture, publishing and light industry. More problems were possible in the field of tourism and trips for entertainment and in everything related to restaurants and entertainment.

If you want to recall the more detailed forecast, which I made, to strike a balance for yourself, you can take a look at it here.

How will the year 2016 be?

Saturn advancing in Sagittarius and Jupiter passing through Virgo until September 2016 will more actively intensify an increasing number of international conflicts that have been invisible so far, deepening the separation in terms of nationality, religion and state affiliation.
The existing legal systems, legislative bodies and educational institutions may fall into such a state of stupor and stagnation that it will force them to either support a minimum sustenance or reform completely. The world and especially those who are in power, ruling, will realize more clearly that they have reached the ceiling of the goals and ambitions that they have had.
I expect that most of the politicians who have recently been in power will begin to withdraw. A new vision will appear, a new ideology for the development of the world thanks to the fact that very different people will appear on the political stage and world events will be such that the current politicians will not have the necessary skills and ability to thrive in them. A few of them will survive and they will mostly be people with big dreams and different ideals.
A lot of risks and pitfalls will be in store until September 2016. These months will be something like a last resort for those in power to finish whatever they can before some of them withdraw. Unfortunately, this does not preclude corrupt practices intensifying (as if for the last time) as well as illegal groups, or violation of some laws and human rights, lack of morality. Many problems will unfold in March and in the last four months of the year. The rhythm of life in some parts of the world may be severely disturbed during the first half of the year.

Nevertheless, the spirit and optimism of people will be much more pronounced and the desire to adopt previously inadmissible and unacceptable things will prevail.

The military industry, energy and computer technology will strongly progress in terms of development. 2016 may become the year of another major discovery that will present entirely new opportunities and perspectives. Investment processes will be somewhat hampered because the year will be more favourable for the development and completion of investments that have been made already, and not for the making of new ones. In this regard, the banking sector and the stock market may be in not so good conditions.
In 2016 there will be four eclipses, two solar and two lunar. The months that contain annual eclipses usually mark the most important moments in a year as the most important events in global and personal terms originate and occur precisely during those months. Therefore, you should be very careful regarding what is happening around you in these months.

The solar eclipses will be on 9 March and 1 September. Individually they will affect those people who were born 2-3 days before or after 28 February, 9 March, 1 September and 12 September. Expect a new phase in your life, a milestone related to physical health, career, fulfilment, and in conjunction with your father or husband in women.

The lunar eclipses will be on 23 March and 16 September. Individually they will affect those people who were born 2-3 days before or after 14 March, 23 March, 16 September and 25 September.

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