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2014 will leave traces in world history

30 December 2013 / 20:12:44  GRReporter
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The Christmas holidays are usually a time when everyone ponders over various things - where we have been, where we are now and where we are going to. We understand what has happened to us only when it is over. Therefore, let's start with a brief summary of what I wrote exactly one year ago.

In 2013, the world was expected to go through three main "scenarios". The first five months of 2013 from January to May inclusive appeared to be difficult for business and finance. I expected a noticeable revival in the global economy not earlier than June.

In January and February, the main political and social issue would relate to the attempts to establish a new order, to reform the social and public structures. I expected a more cumbersome process in the world to start in January, associated with challenges to any established rules and figures of authority.

From March to the end of July, it was a time for undertaking new things in life, which led both to destruction and subsequent activity and creativity. For the time when Saturn would stay in the sign of Scorpio, this would be the most destructive period bearing in mind the symbolism of the sign itself: "Regeneration - destruction and subsequent renewal."

From August to late November, the atmosphere would be full of fear and tension of what would be happening. This was a period in which issues related to the need for renewal, revival and rebirth would possibly come to the fore. After September, Jupiter was positioned in an area the symbol of which is "Marking a new beginning, development and progress." Many things could start their "life" again - a new type and a new cycle of development.

The most stressful periods of 2013 were between 4 March and 22 May, from 18 August to 5 October, and the particular peak - between 9 and 21 September. During these periods, Nature was expected not to be very kind to us and I expected serious military conflict, earthquakes or other natural disasters and anomalies.

Some of the most important events of 2013 were:

The withdrawal of Pope Benedict XVI in February - something which has not happened for almost 600 years.

Edward Snowden's revelations in June regarding the American spy programmes.

The coup d'état in Egypt in July.

The war in Syria, which seriously threatened the stability of the world in August.

The implementation of the European Banking Union in December, which was defined as "a revolutionary change in the European banking system."

What will 2014 be like?

Comet ISON’s close passage to the Earth in December is a sign that in 2014 we will witness events which will leave tracks in world history. It will affect the Earth throughout the year with unusual temperature variations, soil infertility, political conflicts and changes in public areas. In addition, comets are carriers of germs and viruses and result in the emergence of unknown diseases. A more serious epidemic is possible and I expect it to happen in the spring - between March and May.

I have entitled the first half of 2014 "Let's go back." All five major visible planets which rule and form the material life on the Earth will pass through their retrograde phases one after another, and some of them even simultaneously.

Jupiter began its retrograde phase as early as in November 2013 and it will last until 6 March 2014. Throughout January, Venus will also undergo its retrograde phase. The two planets of happiness, expansion and generosity will move "backwards". It will be hard to be optimistic and believe or try to follow an ideal. But this is an ideal time for deserved profits and revenues, returning of debts, or taking back what belongs to you.

Right after the retrograde phase of Venus has finished on 6 February, Mercury’s will follow. Throughout February, Jupiter and Mercury will be the planets symbolizing intelligence and education. For people with creative occupations or research and development activities, February could be especially productive. But for others, it will be a month in which things will not happen easily.

Immediately after Mercury, the retrograde phases of Mars and Saturn will follow, at the same time - on 1 March. But Jupiter’s retrograde phases will end exactly at the same time. This is practically the most 

difficult period, when the two "scary" planets Mars and Saturn will move backwards together - from early March to late May. Those who have not done their job properly will face a lot of surprises and a lot of things that need to be revised and restructured. However, there is a great risk for things that have been started in this period to remain unfinished. Somehow, a lot of problems will occur - accidents, disputes, quarrels, etc. It will seem that people are willing to fight instead of agreeing with each other or doing some work together.

Mars’s retrograde phase will end in late May, and Saturn’s - at the end of July. Meanwhile, in June, the second phase of Mercury’s retrograde phase will take place.

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