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2011 – mass disobedience and collapse of one of the world currencies

31 December 2010 / 16:12:36  GRReporter
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Eclipses cause the biggest changes in people's lives. Of course, under certain conditions closely linked with the individual horoscope. New ventures, new ideas, and new people you are connecting in the days around eclipses usually become part of life for years. The first steps towards change in life are concentrated around eclipses. The moment when you decide to buy a new home, or have left the present one for short and it turns out for long, or you start any work found to be very important and serious later, you acquaint with someone who becomes your partner then - people start making all these steps in the days around eclipses.
Eclipses stimulate various topics in life through the planets which they affect in the individual horoscope. Now I will describe 2011 eclipses in detail. I will write the dates when the Sun will be in areas affected by eclipses, because this is the most important factor in the horoscope, along with the Moon, the Ascendant and Medium Coeli. But while astrological dates for the Sun are always the same, regardless of the year, you need to check the other major factors in your personal horoscope, since they depend on the year, place and time of birth.

The first solar eclipse is on January 4.

This eclipse affects the following sections:

9° - 19° Capricorn (people born between January 1 and 10)

9° - 19° Cancer (those born between July 1 and 10)

9° - 19° Aries (people born between April 1 and 10)

9° - 19° Libra (those born between October 1 and 10)

This eclipse leads to the beginning of something new, individual, it affects personal problems. The initiative comes out of the man and the focus is on "I". The focus especially in this eclipse is heavily on the man’s goals, they attract most attention. The goals could be of various kinds but it seems career and achievements are on the first place. Problems are not excluded, for example, lack of work or the need to launch something new.

The second eclipse is on June 1. It affects the following sections:

6° - 16° Gemini (people born between May 27 and June 6)

6° - 16° Sagittarius (people born between November 27 and December 6)

6° - 16° Virgo (those born between August 27 and September 6)

6° - 16° Pisces (people born between  February 25 and March 6)

It affects issues related to relationships - marriage/intimate partner, friend, business partner, an opponent, the other party in any dispute, or any other important person in your life. What you will do with another person comes to the fore. The other is the one to initiate something and you'll just have to respond somehow. The man is somehow connected with audience; everything a man does become visible. The man is getting engaged in various events with other people.

The days around this eclipse could not only set a new beginning associated positively with another person. They could be purifying. The events could be related to the beginning of deviation and separation from relations and situations which are no longer meaningful to you.

The third solar eclipse is on July 1. It affects the following sections:

4° - 14° Cancer (people born between June 26 and July 6)

4° - 14° Capricorn (people born between December 26 and January 6)

4° - 14° Aries (people born between March 26 and April 6)

4° - 14° Libra (people born between September 26 and October 6)

It again affects relationship issues - marriage/intimate partner, friend, business partner, an opponent, the other party in any dispute or any other important person in your life. It carries the same events as the preceding eclipse on June 1.

The fourth solar eclipse is on November 25. It affects the following sections:

28° Scorpion - 8° Sagittarius (people born between November 20 and 30)

28° Taurus - 8° Gemini (people born between May 20 and 30)

28° Lion - 8° Virgo (those born between August 20 and 30)

28° Aquarius - 8° Pisces (people born between February 17 and 27)

This eclipse is related to personal beginning and initiative. It is like the eclipse on January 4. It affects personal problems. The initiative comes out from the man and the focus is on "I". It is not excluded severely issues related to long trips, training, contacts with other cultures to be affected.

Lunar eclipses, as I said before, are related to implementation and completion. Everything that comes to the fore in the days around the lunar eclipse means that it must be completed. A lunar eclipse on birth Sun could mean the end of your career, the way you imagine it and refer you to other positions. It is not necessarily to be only downwards. There are upwards. It could put an end to intimate relations turning them into marriage. These are the days when you can get information that was hidden and that could serve you to make something. I say hidden information, but it could also be unexpected realization that you love someone and want to be with him/her. Or that your boss wants to promote you.

Lunar eclipses in 2011 are two:

On  June15. It affects the following sections:

20° Gemini - 0° Cancer (people born between June 12 and 22 )

20° Sagittarius - 0° Capricorn (people born between December 12 and 22)

20° Virgo - 0° Libra (people born between September 12 and 22)

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