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2011 – mass disobedience and collapse of one of the world currencies

31 December 2010 / 16:12:36  GRReporter
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At this time of year all astrologers, and not only astrologers, literally compete to make forecasts for the coming New Year. Each one more detailed than the other. Of course, they are made very precisely and each of them contains the main conclusions according to the movement of planets in the zodiac.

The planets that form the framework for 2011 are five - Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. We come to the same conclusions no matter how we rotate them. However, these are only five planets and the conclusions made are strictly consequential because they are subject to strict natural principles. Therefore, I would hardly write something different from other astrologers. But in contrast, I will concentrate on an astronomical phenomenon which is extremely important for the entire coming year. Eclipses. Because what is supposed to happen happens in the days around - globally, and individually.

The global crisis continues in 2011 despite the apparent end of it. Dramatic developments in the astrological climate are observed neither up, nor down. I will not bore you with statistics on the transition of each astrological planet through the zodiacal signs. I will outline only the most important. And it is the beginning of a new cycle between the planets Jupiter and Uranus. Some new direction and transformation in social, cultural and scientific level begin whenever this happens, or once every 14 years. The challenge is worldwide and affects all forms of social organization. Changes in the world become necessary and all are somehow involved in them.

The beginning of this cycle has many ‘bombs’, it is explosion hazard. It will develop in worldwide rebellion for progress and evolution. Any progress is preceded by some kind of explosion - figuratively and literally. 2011 has set preconditions for ‘explosive’ situations, tendency to take risks and extremism in the behaviour of all. These extreme situations could lead to mass disobedience. Uranus always symbolizes something destructive. Its function in 2011, the way it will express its symbolism, is to destroy the crisis. All will somehow concentrate on this.

The first critical turn after 2008, when the global economic crisis unleashed, will be made in 2011. The most severely affected is the financial field - markets, stock exchanges, banking system. You might say – naturally, what else the economic crisis could affect. But it is not quite right. Dramatic financial turnarounds and displacement in layers will characterize 2011, including the recovery and renewal of some business fields and collapse of others. This is the turning point in the whole crisis since its inception. We could witness major financial reforms, devaluation and serious failure of one of the major currencies.

And now we have come to the eclipses in 2011 - solar and lunar.

There are several eclipses each year. In 2011 there will be six - four solar eclipses and two lunar eclipses. They play important role not only globally but also individually. Solar eclipses are the periods when new things usually commence. All those tasks and projects that can not wait are in the foreground. Usually there is restlessness, tension and increasingly violent activity within about 1-2 weeks during eclipses. Different news often appears related to some dramatic events, not only negative, unusual natural phenomena and accidents.

During solar eclipses the Moon is invisible. This invisibility leads to unpredictability and uncertainty, which are revealed later. Therefore, the period of this type of eclipses always carries the message - be careful in what you are getting into. The handsome gentleman who begins to speak to you on the street by chance could be your greatest happiness in the coming years, but also your biggest nightmare. The promotion at work you have longed for - too. Well, sometimes we have no choice, when nature is involved.

Lunar eclipses in turn indicate the moments when long-term projects and tasks are being put into practice, important reforms and reorganizations are being made. They are related to the completion of something that has begun in contrast to solar ones that put the beginning. However, we can not conclude that if something global or personal has started during a solar eclipse in any year it will be completed the same year in the days around lunar eclipses. This could happen years later.

During lunar eclipses the Sun becomes invisible. And this is the time when publicity and display of thoughts that were hidden somewhere for months and years become spontaneous. Everything about relationships of various types is displayed. Lunar eclipses symbolize a kind of end. But do not take this end as fatal. This could be the end of litigation, of long bad relationship with someone.

How do eclipses in 2011 affect individuals?

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