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„Mad – mad! God bless ‘em!“

08 February 2014 / 16:02:30  GRReporter
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Everyone is a bit mad. We call the others „mad“ when we encounter some kind of oddity which shocks us or which we cannot understand. However, as Ivan Vazov wrote in his novel "Under the yoke": "Mad - mad! God bless' em!" Our madness is our „ticket“ to personal development, progress and evolution. It is our courage to follow our innermost and deepest desires, to be free of all social norms and prejudices; to be the perfect idealist and believe in miracles. Our human society cannot develop without the "mad". They have made evolutionary steps and brought all the greatest discoveries of mankind. Madness is what causes sudden changes in our life, but at the same time it opens the door to unique and unexpected opportunities.

Today's article is about the area in our lives in which we exhibit our „madness“, as well as about which area is subjected to the sharpest turns and at the same time gives us a chance for personal evolution and progress.

In terms of symbols and order, the twelve signs in astrology follow a strict pattern, embracing all earthly and human processes. This is the cosmic order. Each sign is a continuation of the previous one. In this connection, Aquarius is associated with all the processes which destroy the old in order to make way for the new. Aquarius is the sign which symbolizes progress and evolution. Therefore, it is associated with genius and the abovementioned "madness", of course. Everything in the personal horoscope, which is related to Aquarius, is characterized by something outside the norms and rules, something unusual, a kind of "madness" and a piece of genius.

Uranus is the planet associated with Aquarius. In the solar system, this is the most bizarre planet, as opposed to all the other planets; the inclination of its axis of rotation is nearly 90°. Furthermore, Uranus has the coldest atmospheric climate and its magnetic field has an unusual shape resembling a corkscrew. Uranus is the planet which "protects" the freedom of personality and our individuality – it does not allow us to mingle with the crowd, or to depend on other people. It requires some kind of personal manifestation, something unique or an own style.

Uranus’s position in our personal horoscope gives information about the area in which our life is unpredictable – where crises and stress happen, but also where there is advance and progress. We are most likely not to follow rules in this area, but also to take risks, be innovative and seek independence. In this area we are most creative, original and often our decisions puzzle the others. The area which is "marked" by Uranus is the one which should be free of prejudice and rules, so that miracles could happen to you.

Uranus stays for about 7 years in a given zodiac sign. Therefore, the sign position does not have particular weight. What matters is the house in the horoscope in which Uranus falls, both from the Ascendant and the Sun. Its position from the Sun is very important. The sun is our spirit and precisely Uranus can bring out.

I will write in which signs Uranus has fallen over the years.

1928-1934/35: Aries

1934/35-1942: Taurus

1942-1949: Gemini

1949-1955/56: Cancer

1955/56-1962: Leo

1962-68/69: Virgo

1968/69-1974/75: Libra

1974/75-1981: Scorpio

1981-1988: Sagittarius

1988-1995/96: Capricorn

1995/96-2003: Aquarius

2003-2011: Pisces

2012 - 2019: Aries

If you were born in border years, you need to check exactly in which sign the planet fell. To find out in which house Uranus fell according to the Ascendant or the Sun, you should count as follows:

The Sun (or Ascendant) is in Gemini and Uranus is in Libra. You should count five signs from Gemini to Libra - Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, and Libra. Therefore, Uranus falls in the fifth house.

I will now write the information which is extracted from the house position of Uranus in the horoscope.

Uranus in the first house from the Sun / Ascendant

You are an avowed and pronounced individualist. Your personality needs independence in every situation. You can change in mere seconds and start your life again within a few days - with other people, a different identity or somewhere else. You experience the biggest changes, stress and crises in terms of your behaviour, manners and appearance. Your genius and "madness" are manifested in the moments when someone tries to limit you or impose you a rule, or when you feel that you are merging with the crowd and no one notices you. Such moments unlock your ability to stand out and attract attention. You have ingenious ability to discover new ways to make an impression – you shock people with your hair-style, clothing, or manners and behaviour.

Uranus in the Second House of the Sun / Ascendant

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