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Who is a successful immigrant

09 January 2015 / 11:01:42  GRReporter
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The fourth house falls in Capricorn and it is ruled by Saturn. The living conditions in your birthplace may not always be very good and progressive, you can have harder periods. Nevertheless, you are deeply rooted in, and committed to, your family and home country, something that does not allow you to easily go away. Some restrictions are imposed on you in terms of place of residence. If Saturn in your horoscope is strong, this means that your relationship with your birthplace is like a stone that cannot be removed, you can hardly be separated from it. The houses of trips and emigration are ruled by Mercury. This means that even if you decide to move somewhere, it will be at a close distance, as the attitude of Mercury is "for a short time and nearby, without going into permanent situations."
Ascendant in Scorpio
The fourth house falls in Aquarius and it is ruled by Saturn and Uranus. In your case, the issue of residence and the conditions that you have goes along with certain difficulties. You encounter some problems and unexpected events in your birthplace from time to time that can trigger thoughts of moving. For you it is a good idea to separate from your home and birthplace, although it will be a bit hard to achieve comfort wherever you are. For better or worse, life often means you have to face discomfort. The houses of trips and emigration are ruled by the Moon and Venus. This means that trips and distant countries can have a very good impact on you but you are prone to experience difficulties and obstacles. The best solution is to bet on residence that is not very far away from home and travel whenever possible.
Ascendant in Sagittarius
The fourth house falls in Pisces and it is ruled by Jupiter (and Neptune). You are one of those people that life has bestowed with the ability to feel comfortable wherever you go. It is enough to take 'yourself', i.e. you are not dependent on anything or anyone. Deep inside you are profound patriots but this does not prevent you from living on the other side of the world. Wherever you go, you manage to get the best, to ensure good living conditions. The houses of trips and emigration are ruled by the Sun and Mars. This means that trips around the world charge you with vital energy. Emigration would be good for you, but for shorter periods. The best conditions for you are those that offer the opportunity for more frequent changes, trips around the world, for living in different places without permanently settling there.
Ascendant in Capricorn
The fourth house falls in Aries and it is ruled by Mars. For you the link with home, roots, ancestors and birthplace is usually highly unsatisfactory and depressing. The idea to separate from them and move often comes in your early years and it is a very good move for you. Travelling is often something that does not bring a great benefit to you; probably you do not even like it. However, separating from your birthplace and settling elsewhere is a step that brings improvement in your living conditions. The houses of trips and emigration are ruled by Mercury and Jupiter. Therefore, you do not like long distance trips, they would better be shorter in terms of duration and distance. Nevertheless, emigrating or moving to a distant location will provide you with good opportunities for prosperity, especially if Jupiter in your horoscope is strong.
Ascendant in Aquarius
The fourth house falls in Taurus and it is ruled by Venus. It is also the ruler of the house of trips, which automatically associates the circumstances of home and residence with trips and foreign countries. Travelling often, having places in the world where you feel at home is a very favourable element for you. However, you are not one of those people who do not aspire to be deeply rooted somewhere, so you would travel more rather than move from place to place. The house of emigration is ruled by Saturn and it is not a very positive signal that emigration would be in favour of your living conditions and that you would be enthusiastic to take that step. However, for some reason, you may be forced to live away from your birthplace, as Saturn is the ruler of your Ascendant, which is a strong prerequisite for living away from home.
Ascendant in Pisces
The fourth house falls in Gemini and it is ruled by Mercury. In connection with home and residence, you are one of those people who are very willing to make frequent changes, live in several places and be able to move often. But mostly to short distances and for short periods. This means that you have better living conditions near your birthplace. The houses of trips and emigration are ruled by Mars and Saturn/Uranus. This is a sign that you will encounter difficulties and not so good moments if you travel frequently abroad, at greater distances, and especially if you decide to emigrate. Of course, you could travel from time to time by your own wish or to earn money, but as far as the conditions of your place of residence are concerned, the closer to home, even if you move to different places, the better for you.


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