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The true nature of the planets and who holds the "key" to what

18 September 2010 / 16:09:39  GRReporter
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The homes governed by Venus are th areas through which a person is seeking satisfaction of their desires and is seeking pleasure.

Venus is the actress that would be embodied in any role to get love, adoration and pleasure. It seduces and promises pleasures. But it never allows to be caught because the pleasure for it is in being desired and pursued.

Venus wants to have all kinds of riches, jewelry and luxury, not for mere possession, but to be proud of them and because of the admiration of others. Therefore, the homes of Venus also reflect what a man is proud of.


The homes managed by Saturn are the areas in which man is faced with some uncertainty, and therefore right there he is constantly looking for some stabilit, steadiness. Usually one is not inclined to any changes in these areas because it means to lose again his security. The events, people and things that are subject to these homes often come to life with some delay and / or after overcoming some obstacles and making some serious efforts. There are also the responsibilities of the man, those things for which willing or not, has some obligations.

In the model card in the previous article I mentioned something important. That with the "malefiks" in life are dealing best the malefik planets (such as Mars and Saturn), as they have the necessary equipment. While for the planets benefices this task is more difficult. And vice versa. Why is this so? It is derived from the natural characteristics of the planets.

Mars is hot, strong, brave and aggressive in nature. He uses every opportunity to impose and express its strength. What happens when this resilient planet has the "luck" of managing some of the difficult homes? Some of the homes that show events that are unpleasant to people. Or to stand in such a home. Quite simply - it feels like at home. Like to give the soldier the status of a "soldier" and the task to be involved in organizing the defense of the country.


Certainly the planets that have congenital maleficent nature, always remain such. No matter in which area (home) they are they will still bring something destructive. Because the home in which they reside must bare everything that they bring. Some homes would "fade" when subjected to the intense energy of Mars – for example the seventh home, the home of the partners, of the other people. The hot Mars gladly enters into any conflict situations. Imagine what happens when it stands in the seventh home. Each partner of the man and especially the intimate one, will be placed in this tense environment produced by Mars.

Other homes, however, as the 6th, would love to use this hot and intense energy of Mars, it is welcome.

For example:

Mars manages 5th and 10th homes and stands in the ninth home. In its function, it is benefik – it manages the 5th and 10th homes. In nature it is malefik. The position of a Malefik in the 9th houme will bring some destruction in the home - quarrels and unnecessary disputes with the father, or disturbances related to education. However for the 5th and 10th homes this position of Mars in the 9th is extremely beneficial.

Or in other words - the true nature will affect the home, in which the planet is placed. While the functional status creates a link between two areas: the fifth is related with the ninth. Here Mars only creates the connection.


Let’s take another planet. Jupiter. In the example I gave you in the previous article, Jupiter manages the 2nd and 5th homes and is placed in 5th home.


As natural benefik it will bring its contribution nature in the affairs of the fifth home. As a manager of the home it will create a link between the second and fifth homes. The simplest interpretation of this is: the resource is directly related to creativity and talents of the man, to the good luck.
The planets themselves apart from being managers of certain areas and therefore responsible for them bring also the so called natural signification. Each planet for itself, no matter where it falls in the horoscope, manages certain things in life. For example, the Moon is a natural signifier of the mother and this has nothing to do with the fact, in which home it stands or which home it runs. The natural signification is also part of the tasks of a planet.

Above I indicated that Mercury has a special attitude towards the success of a man precisely because of this natural signification.

Why do I mention this? In the given example Jupiter on one hand governs the fifth home in the horoscope. One of the meanings of the fifth home is to create an offspring, the children of a man. But Jupiter also according to its natural signification is also related to children and reproduction of the man. On the other hand Jupiter stands at the fifth home. Did you notice what happens? Three times we came to the same thing - the fifth home and the offspring. There is no way that this does not become more essential. Anything that is heavily emphasized, inevitably attracts the eye means something special.


In the next article I will write about this issue, and also about the natural signification of the planets.

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