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The seven major planets and our ability to feel happy

06 August 2011 / 18:08:59  GRReporter
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Everyone wants to be happy. But what is happiness? We are all chasing it. I can not give a precise definition, because it has a different meaning for everyone. And also not everyone manages to achieve it.
What are the factors in the individual horoscope which can tell us what capacity we haver to feel happy? Are we the kind of people who even if the whole world is in their feet, they will never be unhappy, or are the kind of people who even with something small manage to achieve their happy moments.

There are many details when studying this question. I will tell you about the first step in it - the distribution of the planets in the signs in terms of a number. Whether the planets are located in one, two, five or more signs. In the analysis of a horoscope one should always start from the general picture and then proceed to the details. When we see someone we first perceive him as a general vision - his complete physical, external form. Then we looking at different details. The same happens with the horoscope. Once you draw it I always look at it just as if I’m looking at a painting. What shapes are formed, what thye remind me of, what would I relate them to. In these first few minutes for me there are no separate elements - planets, zodiac signs, aspects. There is a whole, colors and shapes. Just as a painting firsthas a comprehensive and general vision.

The general form of the horoscope, the shape formed is a crucial element in the interpretation. It provides information on how a person is able to find their personal happiness, to develop and grow while passing through his life. Regardless of the attendant circumstances and events in life.
Each individual horoscope has a specific shape. One looks like a mountain, another looks like a house, a third like a buggy. In ancient times, astrologers have given different names to these forms - a mountain with three peaks, plow, rod, buggy, a bird in the sky, lotus, thunderbolt, boat, etc. The name is associated not only with the shape, but also with the symbolism behind it. For example, with the name "boat" is called the form in which are occupied the homes 1 to 7. And the symbolism behind the boat is for an object that moves on the water surface. Similarly, such a person lives on the surface of his emotions, feelings. Their motives are primarily centered in their emotional world and somehow they make a living and feed out of "water and liquids". Sometimes literally. Given that water is a natural part of nature and  we take it for granted, these people have more tendency to take others for granted, to expect too much from them to earn and live through them.

There are horoscopes that contain two separate groups of planets with no connection between them as if it is divided into two parts, which operate separately from one another. There is a "gap" between them that separates them. They are rare, and I personally call them schizophrenic horoscopes, without meaning the real sense of the word. This person seems to have two lives, completely different from one another, he lives in two dimensions. Another type of horoscope reminds of a container for water, they have a shape that is suitable to collect different things to keep them. Others looks like an umbrella. And so on.
Astrologer, as I mentioned above, first sees the horoscope as a whole. Personally, I perceive this contemplation of  the whole for a few minutes as a kind of meditation over the horoscope. To manage to into the heart of the form. Are there any edges and corners, whether it is smooth and oval located, whether it is torn, if there are "peaks" or "valleys".
To form a shape in the horoscope the number zodiac signs, which are occupied by planets are important. Because the more occupied signs we have, the more "richer" can the shape of the horoscope be. This is symbolically associated with the man himself - he has just as many features and capabilities to achieve his happy moments.

Only the main seven planets are taken into account - the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. These planets are always given priority because they are the planets visible to the naked eye that are connected to our physical world. I do not deny the importance of the other three - Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, but their role in the horoscope is directly related to the major planets up to Saturn. And it's fine, subtle, immaterial. And our sense of happiness is always linked to something from our visible physical environment, and our five senses - a book, a coffee cup, rod, boutiques in malls, sports car, the friend nest to us or the smell of the tree after rain. Therefore the seven visible planets are those which are of interest to us.

The seven major planets can be located within one to seven signs of the Zodiac. This number is the number that matters for our lives. According to statistics, in over 50% of the days in the last century, the planets have been situated in 5 signs. In about 20% of the days - in 4 signs. The remaining 30% are days when the planets are located in 1, 2, 3, 6 or 7 signs.

In the rare cases where the planets are concentrated in one sign, the symbolism is for a sphere, a ball. Such a combination creates an intense concentration of man to himself, but without an outlet, with no way out of this sphere. For this case is true the principle - "I am the center of the world and everything that happens around me is because of me and for me." These people often have a disability and their ability to find their personal happiness outside themselves is almost zero. Like I said, they have no way out of themselves - the ball has no ends. And this makes their relationship with the people and the world extremely difficult.

In the cases when the planets are located in two signs, symbolism is a yoke or harness for two. These people always reflect what is happening around them, they absorb it. And for this reason they are highly volatile, capricious and variable in their reasoning, thoughts, actions, because they are almost completely dependent on what happens around them. They constantly change their feelings and emotions for people based on how they treat them. The concept of these people is that they seem to have no opinion of their own, no way of their own, they follow the person who is next to them at the time. They are too emotionally unbalanced and this makes them unable to stay in the feeling of happiness.

In the constellation in three signs the symbolism is for a spear, a bayonet. This is subject with a sharp peak. These people are always ready to debate and to confront when faced with something that is not in line with their way of thinking. Extremely critical of anything that is different from their mental concepts. They live more in their head and thought rather than in their heart. And it is only logical that it is impossible not to encounter at every step they make differences which they have to fight with. Differences in terms of what is right and wrong, what is good and what is bad. There will always be something that disturbs their mental harmony. And these constant collisions cause them to always feel dissatisfied, always with a sword in hand, fighting for their own ideological and mental world. However, these are also people who will always, absolutely every time react to an injustice which they have encountered. They will not remain indifferent.

In the constellation in four signs the symbolism is for a field, for a large space. You know that the field creates a sense of stability and permanence. But also for something smooth and slow. These people are moving through theirlife slowly and gradually. And, just as slowly and gradually they acquire what they consider important in their lives. These are people who sooner or later find their "story with a happy ending." They are realists, directed to the real things that could make them happy, they ensure internal stability, which always underlies any real happiness. They do not chase chimeras, nor do they fall for spiritual knowledge. For society, they are people of the matter.

In the constellation in five sings. The statistically most common combination. Symbolism is a lasso, noose, chain. Something that binds. The number five is a special number in the occult, astrology and numerology. It embodies Creation it in its duality of good and evil. It is this duality, however, that sends us in the two extremes. All have a sense that they are tied. And sometimes that cord prevents them from achieving the desired happiness. In this constellation the ability to be happy is almost entirely in the other details of the horoscope. Because it depends on the abilities of a person to wisely accept life, on his ability to accumulate knowledge. Occultism, religion and sacred knowledge in antiquity and to date have been targeted primarily at this group. For the reason that it is statistically the greatest. For these people happiness comes not in the materiality nor in the development and use of different talents. But it comes through the wisdom and knowledge which they are able to perceive.

In the constellation in the six signs the symbolism is associated with garland, a wreath which a person receives as a deserved reward. These people have nature which is not always capable of realistic assessment. Sometimes you may hear people describing them as "crazy" because they tend to make decisions based upon the feelings and emotions. Practical thinking is not always respected. But on the other hand their ability to feel happy even in the "madness" is great. They understand that the external happiness is a reflection of the inner one. And that if they do something with the sense that they are happy, even if it is the most stupid thing in the world, it ultimately turns out to be a great opportunity for them and a success.

In the constellation in seven signsthe symbolism is for a lute with seven strings. This is a very rare distribution and therefore is associated with special skills and talents. These people have flexibility and agility, ability to concentrate and achieve the desired. They have a tremendous ability to find their personal happiness, as they often develop their talents and are artists. They live through their creativity. Hobby and work are one word. For them loneliness and isolation are not uncommon because there is no talent which does not need them. For them you can easily say that they achieve happiness precisely in solitude. When they can develop in peace to perfection the things that they love the most.

And in the end I will remind you that in a general picture there are many details. Do not make general conclusions based only on the number of signs occupied by planets. Even if this is an important element, it gives only general information on what capacity a person has to achieve the sense of happiness. How will he use it is information that is obtained through detailed analysis.

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