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The secret of inner dance

19 October 2013 / 00:10:16  GRReporter
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Let me tell you a little more about the vibrations I mentioned previously. Everything in our known universe vibrates at a certain frequency. The Earth also has a frequency at which it vibrates. The sounds we hear and use in our speech when communicating with each other and those used by animals in their communication are a type of oscillation, vibration. The music to which we dance is a vibration; the rhythm that is typical of each dance is a vibration too. Ancient Taos have discovered that the Earth has a universal vibration that supports and maintains the life humming on it. Not surprisingly, all ancient cultures associate the image of the Earth with that of the mother.

Their next important observation is that when one is in a good mood, healthy and vital, then the vibrations of this person coincide with those of the Earth. When a living being gets sick and dies, the Earth purifies its sick energy and returns it to the world in order for it to become part of the huge circle of life. They have found out that the Earth may heal us, but this happens at the early stages of the outbreak of a disease, when the negative emotions remain inside the body. We know that anxiety causes ulcers and strong emotions can cause a heart attack or stroke. Often doctors recommend relaxation during treatment or recovery. Many diseases begin long before the appearance of serious damage to our organs at the physical level. The Earth has the ability to purify the emotions and transform them into positive energy, which we will use in dancing to protect us from diseases and bad moods, and as a method of getting rid of oppressive thoughts and negative emotions.

Inner dancing is a way to connect with the Earth, to achieve all the positive effects mentioned previously and to get rid of unwanted ones.

Why am I not having fun? We can dance externally without dancing internally. At the beginning of the article, I gave the example of a dancing master who, for some reason, is putting no heart into the dance. The reasons for this may be multiple: a concern you are thinking about, while the body is performing movements it has learnt; accumulated fatigue, tension, stress and the strong emotions that go along with them can be prevailing, not allowing you to enjoy dancing and life in general. On the other hand, no perfect technique and complex figures are necessary in order for you to have fun and dance internally.

There are some metaphorical expressions which we could use for a person who is dancing internally, even if he or she is not aware of it, for example, "his/her soul is dancing", "his/her heart is in a flutter". However, why are there times when we can enjoy dancing and moments when this seems very difficult? Why are there people who often have fun sincerely and those who find it difficult to relax?

In our civilized western mentality, we often connect our personal experiences with thinking. "I think, therefore I exist." Yes, we exist but, most of the time, only from the neck up. By directing your attention to your thoughts only, you leave no room for anything else, including for dancing. What do meditative practices do? They soothe the mind and balance the thoughts. What do good dancers naturally and instinctively do? They dance and do not think, which is a kind of meditation.
A person, who is constantly looking around and thinking about how he or she looks in the eyes of others, is not dancing but thinking while his or her body is making ​​some mechanical movements. As a result, if the dance is in pairs, this person is not paying enough attention to his or her dancing partner. There is no communication because dancing is the language of the body rather than of the mind. Excessive thinking is the reason for a person to withdraw into him/herself, which is its second shortcoming. Such a person stops paying attention to everything around, starts to look for attention and wants everything to be directed towards him or her. Unconsciously this person retires into him/herself and separates him/herself from everything, thus interrupting the connection with the Earth and the communication with it. The last unwanted effect is that all this pulls up the centre of the body, taking it higher than its usual position, because your attention is directed towards the thoughts in your head.

Practice of inner dance. In all Latin dances that I have practised, the knees are not stretched and are always slightly bent. Our centre is low, close to the Earth. Let me explain the meaning of this "centre". I mentioned at the beginning of the article that the archetype of dancing can be found in courtship which is typical of every living being. We, humans, are no exception to this. Dancing is also subject to these primary instincts. The modern version of dancing lessons speaks of "centre of gravity" but actually, it speaks of something more significant. Our main vital centre is in the lower part of the abdomen, which is also the place of our sexual energy, the energy that keeps us alive and which we use to create a new life.

                                                         The place of our vital centre

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