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Public activists or individualists

20 August 2011 / 17:08:31  GRReporter
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The third type I give to the people who have already entered the stable base and are happy and enjoying the simple life. They always strive to maintain harmony in their lives. But they don’t always manage to do it. The more they prefer to live in a calm and quiet way, the more someone knocks on their door. Because they create a sense of security and that attracts people to them - to seek them for help and friendship. They are very secretive and sneaky, locked in their beautiful "garden". And there the unauthorized access is very limited. They are not self-absorbed as the previous types. Being self absorbed involves thinking about something, study. And they lack this. They are really relaxed in their loneliness, without speculating, just livng.

These people are also not public figures. Exception is their circle of friends. For friends, for people who are admitted to the "personal paradise" they are ready to do anything. But they are a little more open to public causes. When something affects them very personally. They will participate actively and diligently in the protest against the interest on loans because they have one and it affects them personally. Very privately. And they will remain on the square until the last minute. While the goal is achieved. For everything else they will just look calmly, nodding to an understanding with the head and the will explain you how they are good nothing. That's right - they will be happy to explain how you are better than them and how you should be the one to take up with another social initiative. They are reluctant to engage with others.

With this type of people the focus is on the signs Taurus and Cancer. By the planets - Venus and Moon.

The fourth type. They are similar to the third type of people in terms of their desire to live in harmony and peace. Friends who have been admitted close to them are their main public commitment. These people are very practical and pragmatic. They have a special style of life. On the one hand they are trying to protect their privacy and to live peacefully in it. On the other hand they constantly attract people to themselves in an ambiguous way. Create the impression that they would participate in any public or civil initiative that they would always help for everything, that it will respond even at 3 AM to get you aspirin. They would do this - yes. But not for everyone. First you must be among the chosen ones. The bad part is that you may be wrong for a very long time. They need to attract people around them, to provide their capabilities and then withdraw again in peace. If they don’t do this, the community - family, friends, colleagues - is set very negatively towards them.

These people are able to participate in super personable causes only when they have a stable solution that can be used. And yet I would not call these people public figures, willing to put aside all personal in the name of socium.

With this type of people the focus is on the signs Taurus and Leo. By the planets - the Sun and Venus.

The fifth type. These people are an interesting combination. On the one hand they are not the typical public man who will go to protest, to make a contribution out of pure humanism. They would do this just to see what happens. Deep down, they have a strong pessimism. If you invite them somewhere, for something where they would not actively participate in the decision making, their instinctive reaction is to think - "It will be difficult." But they will encourage you and will attend just to see if you will fail.

These people we can actually attributable to the group of public figures. But only at first glance. Because they have an innate need to see success and failure - under what circumstances it happens. But on the other hand, if we see them somewhere fighting for some justice, then surely one thing is clear - they have some personal benefit for something. At least they will there be, where solutions are being sought and where they can shine with their versatility and ability to resolve critical situations. And that eventually brings personal benefit. If they would remain unnoticed, it would only be due to the fact that these benefits are not worth it.
The interesting thing about this type of people is that they almost never change their views. They adapt to the others, just to make them change their perceptions and get them to agree with them. In simple language, I call this manipulation. Without putting any negativity in that. Ultimately, this type of people really know how to see the mistakes of others. As they can also be invaluable in times of chaos and disorder. But do not look for them if they have no personal gain.

With this type of people the focus is on the signs Gemini and Leo. By the planets - the Sun and Mercury.

The sixth type. These people have a deep innate wisdom of nature and life processes. Surely I can attributed this group of people to the public figures. Those who would engage in public causes for the sake of the causes. They are able to cope with challenges in life and can be a living example in this direction. But! They can give an objective opinion about what measures to take, what techniques to use, how to organize things. And they will stay away from all activity. These people are usually given the nickname - standing aside and giving savvy. There is much sarcasm. And the paradox after the sarcasm is that usually these people are right. Their innate wisdom, the challenges they face in their personal lives, makes them extremely profound and objective. Observers. They are actively involved in super personable processes as observers. What they contribute with is their wisdom that remains somewhat hidden beneath the surface and too often unappreciated.

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