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Love - the more, the more

06 February 2015 / 20:02:30  GRReporter
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Valentine's day, 14 February, is approaching. Of course, the most natural thing for the majority of people is to think about love, romance, whether they are in love, have successful love relationships or want something different. On this day, having no spouse becomes a very unpleasant feeling for a considerable number of people. Seeing so many people around you set to spend a wonderful holiday is too depressing sometimes. Valentine's Day is not like other holidays, not everyone celebrates it in full because it takes two to do so. There is some "injustice" in it.
Today's article is on how generous life is to us when it comes to love and romance. We all know that there are some people who are favoured by fate and who always have an enviable number of options in this area. As if they are sprinkled with a magic dust that makes them highly attractive even if their physical beauty does not correspond to the public criteria adopted. The opposite is true for the other group of people. Of course, there are others who are in the golden mean - neither much, nor little. But when it comes to love and romance, they never have enough, everyone wants more and more of them. The "Winnie-the-Pooh" effect the more, the more applies with full force in this respect. This is true for love too - the more it is, the more you want it.

In the horoscope, the judgments on the developments and the events associated with love and romance in life are made in the fifth house. The relationship between the ascendant, the fifth house and the planets that rule them shows whether love is often a guest in life.

The analogy is the following.

The ascendant and the planet that rules it are you, as an individual. The position of the ruling planet is the place where you find yourself most often, the place that attracts you the most. The fifth house and the planet that rules it is love that is assigned to you, all situations and circumstances associated with it.

Imagine it as two houses, which have different owners. When you go to the house of the other owner, it is important whether you like it, how they receive you, how good you feel and whether you want to go there more often. It is logical that if you do not feel good, you will avoid going there. And if you feel good there, you will go to this house as much as possible, even if you are not invited. There is a third option, namely that one of the owners feels wonderful as a guest of the other, but the opposite is not true.

The information that I will give you below describes how the "owners" of the two houses feel when visiting each other, which depends on the sign of your ascendant.

Ascendant in Aries
The planet that rules Aries is Mars. The fifth house falls in Leo and is ruled by the Sun. The Sun feels excellent in Aries and this means that love is always welcome in your life. Mars, your ruler, is the best friend of the Sun, but in terms of obeying it. Love itself is frequent as it finds the best conditions to live and grow around you. You are favoured by life to have frequent opportunities to fall in love, to love, to experience an abundance of romantic moments. You are very open to love, but often you are the ones who fall in love. The opposite, namely for other people to fall in love with you, is not common. It depends on the position of Mars in your birth horoscope. More importantly, fate always takes care not to leave you without being in love or infatuated for a long time.

Ascendant in Taurus
The planet that rules Taurus is Venus. The fifth house falls in Virgo and is ruled by Mercury. Mercury feels good in Taurus but there is some discomfort due to the too fixed and rigid nature of the sign. Venus experiences the so-called "fall" in Virgo. This combination means that love opportunities are frequent, you are curious, which puts you in the appropriate situations. Moreover, Venus gives you an extra dose of innate attractiveness, especially if it is in a strong position in your personal horoscope. However, you find it difficult to grasp the moment of love and therefore you often live with the thought that love passes by you more often than stopping near you. The "fall" in the house of love symbolizes that you are able to fall in love so deeply that you will be blind and deaf to any other options. Or vice versa, regardless of the fact that a lot of love is addressed to you, you just do not notice it.

Ascendant in Gemini
The planet that rules Gemini is Mercury. The fifth house falls in Libra and is ruled by Venus, which itself is an indication of love and romance in life. You are the only people who have the most clearly expressed "I-and-romance" connection. Venus acquires special finesse in Gemini, it likes to "live" in this sign which means that romance in particular is a frequent guest in your life. This combination creates charm, a charismatic aura that attracts people to you. In terms of love and falling in love, things are slightly different as the intellectual side of the relationship prevails in you and experiencing lasting and deep feelings, passionate infatuation, remains in the background. But we can definitely say that you know how to play the game of love, to easily come across it and remain in it only while you are interested. Therefore, life offers you plenty of opportunities to flirt without going deeper into a relationship.

Ascendant in Cancer

The planet that rules Cancer is the Moon. The fifth house falls in Scorpio and is ruled by Mars. In Cancer, Mars finds itself under conditions which it does not like, it "falls". The same applies to the Moon in relation to Scorpio. This creates a kind of "Double Trouble" circumstances. The result is that the opportunities for love and romance go to extremes in your case - they depend on the position of the two planets in your personal horoscope. You are either in chaos, with numerous opportunities that you do not know how to handle and which create more problems than pleasure, or in conditions under which life quite seriously deprives you of the opportunity to find out what love is. Very often, when you fall in love it is unrequited love or if someone falls in love with you, you firmly deny and reject it. If the Moon and Mars are well positioned in your personal horoscope, you have a chance to find love, but being satisfied with it is too complex a task.

Ascendant in Leo
The planet that rules Leo is the Sun. The fifth house falls in Sagittarius and is ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter feels like an honoured guest in Leo and it is expected that it will bring generous gifts. The Sun feels good in Sagittarius, but not particularly, because it is humble, it has left its greatness on the threshold. This combination means that life provides you with generous opportunities but under certain conditions. These opportunities do not come often since Jupiter, as the ruler of love, is a planet that does not move quickly and therefore love rarely comes to you but always brings "great gifts". The fact that, in the house of love, you leave your greatness on the threshold, becoming humble, means that you fall in love in most cases. Even though love and romance are not common for you, they are always opulent, so that you feel slightly sick of "overeating".

Ascendant in Virgo
The planet that rules Virgo is Mercury. The fifth house falls in Capricorn and is ruled by Saturn. Saturn feels very comfortable in Virgo, but a typical feature of this planet is that it restricts, structures, sets limits. Mercury is also welcome in Capricorn but with a more mature attitude, diligence and responsibility. This combination means that life does not very often offer you opportunities for love and romance for two reasons. The first is that Saturn, as the ruler of love in your life, is not very generous, it even leads to a certain type of restrictions. The second reason is that this planet moves very slowly, thus making a direct analogy - love and romance come slowly, but in contrast, when they come, they last for a long time. You are one of those people who can suffer a little in terms of love opportunities and of someone falling in love with you but you are able to make the most of every chance.

Ascendant in Libra
The planet that rules Libra is Venus. The fifth house falls in Aquarius and is ruled by Saturn. Saturn feels great in Libra and it is very enthusiastic to be active, to act on every issue related to love. Venus itself is a natural protector of love and romance and in Aquarius, it feels free to love, as it likes. Therefore, although Saturn is a planet that moves slowly, sets limits and restrictions, it presents many opportunities. It is true that every opportunity requires you to approach it very seriously and responsibly, but in no case are you disadvantaged. It is just the opposite, as you are the people who are to learn love in this life. The combination of these two planets as the rulers of the "I" and "love in life" is special because on the one hand it presents enough opportunities, which are often unsatisfactory, but on the other creates conditions for you to find a precious and strong love.

Ascendant in Scorpio
The planet that rules Scorpio is Mars. The fifth house falls in Pisces and is ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter feels like in a friend's house in Scorpio, but it does not like the atmosphere, as it is too secretive, hidden, you do not know what lies in the backyard. Mars itself feels quite disoriented in Pisces, despite the friendly reception. This combination means that the opportunities for love and romance do not come often in your life, as love is slightly "scared" of you – it is not certain whether you will consume it and throw it away, if you will confuse it and mix it with another one. Nevertheless, you are not deprived of finding that love to which you will totally devote yourself. You are one of those people who love deeply and selflessly, and this is a sign that only one opportunity is enough for you to experience all possible shades of love.

Ascendant in Sagittarius
The planet that rules Sagittarius is Jupiter. The fifth house falls in Aries and is ruled by Mars. Mars feels very comfortable in Sagittarius because there is nothing to stop or limit it. Jupiter in Aries in turn finds a very good atmosphere for its optimism and enthusiasm. This combination means that life is very generous to you, offering to you frequent opportunities for love and romance, from which you can take literally everything to satiety. For better or worse, despite the frequent opportunities, you are one of those people who cannot remain long in love. You fall in love fast and while at the height of your enthusiasm, you realise that another opportunity has appeared that you have to invite into your life. You attract love to yourself, as you are open-minded and do not want to close love up in a cage, nor do you try to resuscitate it when it is gone.

Ascendant in Capricorn
The planet that rules Capricorn is Saturn. The fifth house falls in Taurus and is ruled by Venus. Venus feels good in Capricorn but it is under restrictive and test conditions. Saturn in Taurus finds a sufficiently stable and productive atmosphere, in which it can be useful. This combination is more special because Venus is actually precisely related to love and romance. The combination with Saturn shows that you are one of those people who teach love. Therefore, the opportunities presented to you by destiny are not few because you have to teach people something. Also for this reason, others fall in love with you more often than you with them. Falling in love is a process that lasts for a long time but anyway you are always those who are loved more. However, the presence of Saturn in the formula of love means that you will experience some frustration and limitations in your ability to fall in love.

Ascendant in Aquarius
The planet that rules Aquarius is Saturn. The fifth house falls in Gemini and is ruled by Mercury. Mercury finds in Aquarius excellent conditions to satisfy its curious nature. Saturn in Gemini in turn feels slightly uncomfortable, because this sign is unstable and this planet does not like rapid changes. This combination means that life presents to you many opportunities for love and romance, but they are too short and mainly intellectual, more as a delicate hint the purpose of which is not quite clear. Your ruling planet, Saturn, moves very slowly, which is why things have come to an end by the time you fall in love. Therefore, you are of those people who are not always able to fully experience your opportunities for love, while it is bright and strong. However, Saturn is a planet that brings an element of restriction, of a responsible and serious attitude that makes you open up only to that love which has the potential to be long lasting and stable.

Ascendant in Pisces
The planet that rules Pisces is Jupiter. The fifth house falls in Cancer and is ruled by the Moon. The Moon feels very comfortable in Pisces because the atmosphere of the sign allows it to manifest its full emotional nature. Jupiter in Cancer in turn feels awesome and it is at its most striking peak to be highly generous. This combination means that you are the lucky ones who have very good opportunities to experience great love and fabulous romance. Usually your love is shared, you know how to love but also how to drive others to fall in love with you. When Jupiter and the Moon are combined in the formula of love, everything seems to double and triple, you are favoured to receive generous love, at the right time and from the right people. Especially with regard to romance, your fate is to receive generous gestures, recognition as in fairy tales, to experience wonderful moments.

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