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In the beginning of August we become materialistic

30 July 2011 / 18:07:11  GRReporter
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In this article I will inform you what the "weather" features for the period August 1 to 15 will be and for whom this will be of any importance. This climate affects people in different ways because it is directly dependent on their individual horoscope.

    In my previous article covering the second half of July, I wrote that a period started of many revaluations. Time filled with a lot of going back to past ideas and concepts, to the necessary of making a complete review before taking any new steps. The slogan "the goal justifies the means" will be at the forefront. In general plan there was a strong tendency for the financial and legal system to be affected in terms of concepts, ideas for change, stability of the banking and the world financial policy in general and the reforms in this field.
    In Bulgaria something shocking thing happened. The license of Lukoil was revoked - the biggest company in terms of financial income and tax revenues in Bulgaria, which carries the risk of imbalances in the market for fuels. In the U.S., delicately insinuate alarming financial news, that there is a risk to fall into a precedential for their history technical insolvency due to the rapid pace of growing of the budget deficit. And such a development of the situation leads to absolute unpredictability in the world, as so far this has never happened in history.

    In the first half of August, again the highlights are on the financial policy and the reforms. In this period at the foreground very seriously will be discussed the topic of materialism in all its aspects. Within two months, almost literally everyone will be faced with exactly this topic - materialism, money, possessions. Be careful what financial commitments you bind to, as they will be part of your life over the next nine years.

    This would not be quite so bad if the subject accompanying the materialism wasn’t "aggression, to collect, take back and take away." If you have had any financial liabilities and disputes, prepare for events which seem as if they have suddenly bursted, and may become uncontrollable at any moment. Prepare confront also with situations and people, in whom you will find a total lack of values ​​and serious unscrupulousness in the name of their personal gain. All this will also surround us on a global scale.

    On August 4th begins the visible retrograde motion of Mercury - the planet responsible for the information, communication, movement, contracts, negotiations, communication. This period (until 27th of August) is characterized by "random" mistakes and misunderstandings in all of the above mentioned fields. And the point is to draw our eyes to something important that we have failed to notice or just haven’t paid any attention to it. Nature does not allow us to "fall asleep", sunk into the routine, unnoticing things around us because we get used to them. It brings to the surface any hidden information mostly through a "mistake", it provides stunning insights such as "How have I not noticed this before?".

    Retrograde Mercury will most actively affect the people born between September 15th to 27th. For those born between September 15th to 27th strong conflicts are possible or the renewal of old ones, which somehow must be resolved. For those born between September 22nd to 27th the subject will be treated about "Am I at the right place? Am I with the right people?" This is also related with the ability to engage in something that will subsequently suffer a sudden twist. If the early success was sure to end it will finish in failure. And vice versa - something that in the beginning gives signs of failure, will end with considerable success.

    Now I will write which zones in the Zodiac are affected in the first half of August. And also the dates when the Sun is approximately in these areas and therefore affects the people born on these dates regardless of year. For the other planets it is necessary to check your personal horoscope.

9 ° - 15 ° Aries (people born between 29th of March and 5th of April)
5 ° - 11 ° Gemini (people born between May 26th and June 2nd)
2 ° - 8 ° Leo (people born between 25th and 31st of July)
8 ° - 13 ° Leo (people born between 1st and 6th of August)
22 ° - 28 ° Virgo (those born between 15th and 21st of September)
28 ° Virgo - 4 ° Libra (those born between 21st and 27th of September)
7 ° - 13 ° Scorpio (people born between 30th of October and 5th of November)
5 ° - 11 ° Sagittarius (people born between 27th of November and 3rd of December)
11 ° - 17 ° Sagittarius (people born between 4th and 9th of December)
21 ° - 27 ° Capricorn (people born between 11th and 17th of January)
2 ° - 8 ° Aquarius (people born between 22nd and 28th of January)
8 ° - 13 ° Aquarius (people born between 29th of January and 2nd of February)
13 ° - 19 ° Aquarius (people born between 3rd and 8th of February)
19 ° - 25 ° Aquarius (people born between 9th and 14th of February)
11 ° - 16 ° Pisces (people born between 1st and 6th of March)

    The period August 1st to 15th for people who have a planet in the area:
9 ° - 15 ° Aries,
is a time, in which you will probably enter distinctly in the material side of life, power, prestige. It is possible new sources of funding come your way, so as to achieve major financial success, to enter into profitable deals or to be in the position of a person who distributes the access of others to various resources of yours against a specific price - property, talents, abilities even feelings.

    The period August 1st to 15th for people who have a planet in the area:
5 ° - 11 ° Gemini
is a time in which it is possible to accept some restrictions. To accept that you have personal constraints to achieve the desired in a given situation and on this basis to make the necessary for you changes in the goals you have set. Better a sparrow in the hand than an eagle in the sky.

    The period August 7th to 13th for people who have a planet in the area:
2 ° - 8 ° Leo
is a time, when you may feel a huge need and desire to express your own individuality, to feel important, to get the recognition due to you. This may prompt you to seek all opportunities in which to do so. Do not, however try to impose your personality, unless someone has requested it from you. The probability to attract attention and recognition is great, but only if you were asked for it.

    The period August 7th to 11th for people who have a planet in the area:
8 ° - 13 ° Leo
is a time, when you will be open to listen to everything around you. You may have the feeling that everyone you know has decided to call you and share something with you, to seek your expertise. Even things that initially he did not intend to share. These are the days when you may learn amazing things, things that have been of interest to you and you have not yet managed to get around to them. In this period it is possible to get wonderful opportunities to share your experience, knowledge.

    The period August 1st to 8th for people who have a planet in the area:  
22 ° - 28 ° Virgo
is a time in which it is possible to find yourself in a conflict, in a situation that can not be solved otherwise but through a direct confrontation. Conflicts, although uncomfortable while they are in full swing, have the strange ability to always give rise to something useful, fruitful, to creativity.

    The period August 9th to 15th for people who have a planet in the area:
28 ° Virgo - 4 ° Libra
ia a time in which it is possible to return to something that you forgot or left somewhere away from you. To encounter a situation in which guaranteed success turns into failure and vice versa - the guaranteed failure becomes a success.

    The period August 1st to 15th for people who have a planet in the area:
7 ° - 13 ° Scorpio
is a time in which you will vigorously encounter the power and authority in all its forms. It seems that around you this is the only thing discussed, and you yourself will search for them and want them. You may find yourself in a situation in which you will naturally gain power and influence. But there is an option in which their acquisition may be only symbolic. As a king with no real power and influence that only carries the symbols of royalty. This is still a time for any endeavors. You may feel that "the time has come" to follow your instincts by directing your efforts to the right things and people.

    The period August 10th to 15th for people who have a planet in the area:
5 ° - 11 ° Sagittarius  
is a time, in which you will focus on something. You may experience great tension in some situation and to exit it successfully, you will need to concentrate on all the details. And that requires a temporary externall inaction. Do not blame yourself, if everyone is telling you to act and you do nothing. Only when you "review" everything in silence and peace and make sure everything is in place, you will be able to undertake and some external activity.

The period August 1st to 9th for people who have a planet in the area:
11 ° - 17 ° Sagittarius
is a time of increased activity and extremes. You may have the feeling that everything is upside down as you try to follow some fixed rhythm of life. In these days it may change beyond recognition.

    The period August 1st to 15th for people who have a planet in the area:

21 ° - 27 ° Capricorn
is a time, when you will be as if you are obsessed with some new ideas and concepts. It is possible to completely change your views and to spontaneously adapt to some new forms - mental, life, professional behavioral.

    The period August 1st to 15th for people who have a planet in the area:
2 ° - 8 ° Aquarius
is a time, when you will enter into a world of your own. A world full of your ideas about what the life around you should be. You may experience a desire for different things, become active in their pursuit. In this period you will be able to define exactly what change you seek, because only when you have a real idea about it you can look for ways to make it happen. This whole process, can make you unreachable for the others, they will be difficult time attracting your attention. But on the other hand, those who manage to see what you see are precisely the people you need for your change.

    The period August 10th to 15th for people who have a planet in the area:
8 ° - 13 ° Aquarius
is a time in which it is possible to encounter situations of the type - "I want and therefore I receive or I don’t receive." You will have the possibility to satisfy your needs for different things. Your intimate life can suddenly blossom and around you to be full of people wanting your closeness. But be prepared for different types of rejections. In these days you are also hypersensitive to the most mild forms of criticism and rejection. This can easily upset you and immerse you in an emotional melancholy.

The period August 1st to 8th for the people who have a planet in the area:
13 ° - 19 ° Aquarius
is a time when amazing things may reach you like knowledge, life stories, information, even just gossip. Anyone you meet can share with you all kinds of interesting things that you will arrange in your personal puzzle. In this period it is possible to get wonderful opportunities to share your experience, knowledge and to get the information necessary for your needs.

The period August 1st to 6th for the people who have a planet in the area:  
19 ° - 25 ° Aquarius
is a time in which many people may look for you on different occasions. Mostly related to their satisfaction of some need. It is possible that around you literally forms a crowd of people who seek closeness to you on various occasions. Or you yourself may need different things and look for options to ensure them by attracting people to yourself with non-verbal signals that with you it is safe and calm and they will be satisfied. But the idea is that you satisfy yourself, not them.
The period August 10th to 15th for the people who have a planet in the area:
11 ° - 16 ° Pisces
is a time, when you will easily get answers to some questions of yours that you have not discovered. And this can be done in various ways and from the most unexpected places. These days can be extremely useful for you precisely because your every question receives an accurate, specific, and most importantly satisfying you answer.

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