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We start 2012 with a change of government

24 December 2011 / 17:12:55  GRReporter
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In this article I will inform you about the 'climate' characteristics for the period January 1 to 15 and who will be affected by it. This climate affects people in different ways because it is directly dependent on the individual’s horoscope.

In my previous article about the second half of December, I informed you that chaos and instability are continuing. I will repeat the general trends expected to occur since December has not yet finished.

Innovation will timidly try to find its way around. In one way or another every one of us is likely to face the challenge to change something, in order to overcome some confusion. Even though holidays are coming up it seems that the last days of this year will not bring the typical holiday atmosphere.

Especially during the last week of December after the 26th, the desire of people to be in the centre of attention and thus to ignore the importance of others, the importance of unity and integrity, can become a serious problem. The planet Uranus, a symbol of progress, reform, innovation and revolution, is in its starting position and is ready to dramatically accelerate the on-going global processes, which had started during spring. Most probably there will be meaningless stress and purposeless activities as a rebellion against the need for accepting restrictions. The point here is that beyond the selfishness and chaos stands cooperation, new developments and innovations. Where unity is productive.

During the second half of December I also expected some sensational news and unexpected events related to media and technology to occur and also social events of youth organizations. For many people there might be pleasant and surprising encounters with loved ones or unexpected recovery of relationships for a short while.

During the first half of January, most public issues will be related to the "heads" of various countries and with their policies. The focus will most likely be associated with independence and autonomy but also with the intention of the stronger ones to interfere in the autonomy of the weaker ones. Unification and cooperation will still stand a little bit in the background. Again, we might witness processes associated with change of power, a change of government. The main topic will be the issue of support and who will be backed up. Only the one who can balance and maintain harmony in the society will receive it. Personal balance underpins the public’s one.

In many areas I expect different countries and global political structures to place serious limitations. Ever since the end of November the most used words in the world were "restrictions and saving." This will continue throughout January as well. The example I can give in this situation is that the grass is trying to push out the dirt in order to grow. The chaos we see everywhere in the form of strikes and riots is nothing but a fierce resistance to the changes that are inevitable for the survival of us all. I expect that in January there will be a sudden movement and issues related to military activities. Or similar action will be needed somewhere.

Now I will mention which areas in the Zodiac will be affected during the first half of January. And also the dates where the Sun is approximately in these areas and therefore affects people born on these dates regardless of the year. For the other planets you need to check your personal horoscope.

4° - 9° Aries (people born between March 25 and 30)
15° - 20° Aries (people born between April 5 and 10)
21° - 26° Aries (people born between April 11 and 16)
2° - 8° Taurus (people born between April 22 and 28)
8° - 13° Taurus (people born between April 29 and May 3)
28 ° Gemini - 4° Cancer (people born between June 19 and 24)
26° Cancer - 2° Leo (people born between July 20 and 25)
7° - 13° Leo (people born between July 30 and August 5)
11° - 17° Virgo (people born between September 3 and 8)
4° - 9° Libra (people born between September 28 and October 2)
21° - 26° Libra (people born between October 14 and 19)
2° - 7° Scorpio (people born between October 25 and 30)
26° Capricorn - 2° Aquarius (people born between January 16 and 22)
2° - 8° Aquarius (people born between January 23 and 28)
8° - 13° Aquarius (people born between January 29 and February 2)
0° - 6° Pisces (people born between February 19 and 24)
22° - 28° Pisces (people born between March 12 and 18)

Check out the gallery of the article and find, which planet interests you, then connect it to the keywords I have written.

The period January 10 to 15 for people who have a planet in the area:
4° - 9° Aries
is a time during which you may encounter a situation in which it is necessary to convince someone of something or someone else will have to convince you. It is possible for you not to be able to easily comprehend everything you are faced with and this can cause you to fall into serious discomfort. Do not dismiss someone or something just because you do not understand them or it. Give yourself time and do not take the situation as an offence to your personality.

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