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In September, the collective interests prevail over the individual ones

01 September 2012 / 13:09:57  GRReporter
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In this article I will inform you what the astrological picture for the period September 1 to 30 is and for which people it will be of importance. In their move on the celestial sphere the planets activate different parts of the astrological zodiac and therefore the climate they create affects everyone in a different way, since it is in a direct relation to their individual horoscopes.

In the previous article I informed you that after 10 August the period is full of tension and the basic motto is "A time for a change! A time to try something new". Such times make people regret what they have never done and they rush impetuously to anything because they are afraid of such regrets. Thinking about something new becomes more and more topical. Even in most of the cases, people have no choice and enter some changes without knowing where they are going.

In social context, in August, a trend for "trying" new things formed. Therefore I thought that it is possible quite risky steps to be taken in political, financial and social aspect, which to surprise us. Highly likely, it is yet to hear about such. In mid-August the tendency for instability, confusion and anxiety was enhanced. Unexpected events, surprises and a sense of failure. As the most actively concerned were the people born around 13 April, 16 July, 17 October and 14 January.

What is the astrological situation in September? Traditionally, September is the time for an autumn cleaning. The very symbol of Virgo is such. This year, the "cleaning" may be far more basic, with more changes in all directions, which at a first glance may seem unnecessary and not credible.

In late August, the scenery of the public arena changed. From the beginning of September a several months period is starting in which the main theme will be related to the accumulation and retention of power, strength and energy in all forms. There are two things in this process. On the one hand it affects the fact who, in what direction and in what he or she will put their energy, the reorganization of fields and methods of business and making money, of getting power and force. On the other hand, it affects the integration between people, joining groups and collectives which are the source of some kind of security.

Perhaps many people will give up prosecuting some of their goals, will lower their expectations and will focus their gaze on things which can actually be realized. There will be people who will not be able to hold their resource, which can be in any form - material, such as status and position, such as knowledge and skills. There may be a greater demand for collaboration with others. If in recent months the main leitmotif has been "Leave me mind my own business," then in the coming months, the group goals, the consolidation with others, will stand in the foreground. No man is an island, entire of itself and a lot of people are going to realize this. Individual efforts have value only when they are part of the objectives of larger groups in society.

The topics, which started in August - "Time for a change, time for progress," is continuing throughout September as well. Risky steps, surprises, new things to be "tested" would be in the direction described above - to make reorganizations, consolidations, from which the whole to benefit. Probably more forcibly than willingly. Progress in life and society is impossible without making steps into the unknown. Sometimes it is better to be a little crazy, because if everyone were rational and aware, if nobody wanted to take the risk to go where they do not know what to expect, there would have never existed what it called "an experience" which underlies human evolution. That is what is exactly in the air in September.

The days between 10 to 20 September can be filled with abandoning of existing strategies, activities and plans. And the last ten days - between 20 and 30 September - bear a lot of pressure, criticism and changes in direction. Aggressiveness in a larger scale is sharpening, people tend to react more harshly than normal. I will write which areas in the zodiac are affected by the planetary motions in September. As well as the dates when the Sun is approximately in these areas and therefore affects people born on these dates regardless of the year. For the other planets you need to check your personal horoscope.

2° - 8° Taurus (people born between 22 and 28 April)

13° - 19° Taurus (people born between 3 and 8 May)

19° - 24° Taurus (people born between 9 and 14 May)

24° - 30° Taurus (people born between 15 and 20 May)

The period September 1 to 30 for people who have a planet in the area: 2° - 8° Taurus,

This is a time when you will face some severe limitations in your lives related to the support of your close ones. Somehow your stability will be affected too, your personal "immunity" and you will have to take responsibilities by which to keep them. It is not excluded to face a deal done and not to have a choice.

The period September 1 to 30 for people who have a planet in the area: 13° - 19° Taurus,

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