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One solar and one lunar eclipse portend stormy May

30 April 2013 / 15:04:50  GRReporter
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    In this article, I will give an astrological overview of the period from 1 to 31 May. As usual, I will present the general picture first and then, I will make the individual forecasts.
    In the previous article, I informed you that April was expected to be a month of experiments, when one could jump into something new and unknown, which would result in a great deal of surprise.
    25 April was the date of the first eclipse of 2013. The symbolism of the zodiacal section in which it fell is related to the balance of nature, to securing the conditions that are necessary for the new to come. On the one hand, the atmosphere is peaceful and quiet, "lulling", but on the other, quick and sharp sabre strikes are coming aiming to destroy everything that threatens the peaceful path of the new and young. So, in a socio-political perspective, I expected that this eclipse would provoke the question related to the "efficient allocation of resources, to ensure that everyone benefits" from that. Since it affected the signs of Taurus - Scorpio, it implied that it might be related to the overall structure of the global banking system.
    Moreover, in the days close to the eclipse, I expected the awakening of sharper weather events such as storms and hurricanes.
    There will be new developments from 10 March to 25 July and everyone somehow will face certain people and situations, which will make him or her feel that he or she is taking a new direction in an area of ​​life. I will remind you of this in each general article, since the duration is longer.
    What will the astrological picture in May be? May seems to be a very important month, because it contains interesting planetary configurations that are not so common. This is one of the few months during which we will observe two eclipses - one solar and one lunar.
    The solar eclipse will be on 10 May. The symbolism of the section in which it will occur is associated with birth and death, with regeneration, with unpredictability and secrecy. There is some "severity" related to it, some aggressive and uncompromising actions. Earth and Nature can also bring some extreme developments in the next few months. Volcanic activity is affected and it is highly likely that it will further evolve in the coming months.
    The lunar eclipse will be on 25 May. It will occur in a section whose symbolism is strength, power and protection. In combination, the two eclipses mean, "being cruel and severe, but only to protect life and survival." On a larger social and political scale, moves are possible, that will aim at some type of protection associated with the independence of states rather than with their unification. Nationalism as a phenomenon will somewhat intensify. It is not excluded that nature will "rebel" against human attacks here and there and that it will try to protect itself.
    It is possible that people who are more sensitive might be unable to relax throughout the month, especially during sleep. That is why I would recommend that they avoid overloading their stomachs with heavy meals.
    May seems to be the month of unpredictable contracts that violate the rules but which contain a brilliant idea for defence and protection of people's lives in contrast. Contracts mainly related to financial and material benefits under which each country will tend to defend its own interest, looking for a personal gain. I assume that on a wider public scale, various intergovernmental agreements will be concluded and we, the ordinary citizens, will learn about that later. Business, favourable financial relations and mutual projects. There might be a huge strain on the financial sector.
    Objectively speaking, some of the best financial and material projects could happen in the days up to 25 May. For some people, these days could be the launchpad to success in the world of money, power and prestige.
    Bulgaria will hold parliamentary elections only two days after the solar eclipse. This is always a sign of something special, which will evolve during the term of the newly elected government. Since I do not have the birth hours of the biggest contenders in the election race, I am unable to make any forecast as regards their chances. However, I suppose that we could witness the most absurd twists that no one has ever expected.
    I will now write how the various sectors of the zodiac will be affected – the issues that can be provoked and the type of events you can expect. I will make a brief analysis of all of them.
    Find your date of birth in the descriptions below.

29 December – 9 January

For you, May will be a key month in terms of work and career. Somehow, your fulfilment will be refreshed. You will have access to opportunities to climb up the ladder and take a better and a higher position, to become stronger and to obtain more power, to become stable. This will not pass without “clouds” and conflicts, and maybe you will make yourself enemies. This will make you think about whether it is worth doing so. In terms of private (intimate) life, you should expect competition and rivalry as well as some challenges in the second half of the month.

10 January - 22 January

May seems to be a difficult month for you. Your stability and security have been shaken in recent months, which has affected your home, family, children, possessions. Difficult communication is awaiting you, some difficult situations with friends. It is possible that you may lose someone's trust, that people may not understand you. If you are looking for support and help, you will find it in strangers, in people who are not part of your close circles.

23 January – 4 February

May will be very beneficial for you. You will remember it with the great opportunities mostly related to the material side of life. Some of you may marry or enter into a relationship that will end up with a marriage. The environment around you seems especially "nourishing" and supportive in almost every respect. Life will offer you a new "path", which will require you to fight and be persistent in order for you to achieve some ambitions.

5 February – 17 February

May will bring to the fore some work that must be done, some responsibilities that you should take. Otherwise, it will be impossible for you to continue and get to where you are rushing. Maybe you will go through some deep personal changes; you will suffer a loss in your relations with partners and in personal relationships. But all this will be in return for improvements in your professional life where positives and support will be awaiting you.

18 February – 3 March

May will be a key month in relation to family, personal condition and well-being, and partnerships. The issue of the country in which you are living may also be raised, as it is also a kind of family for you. New things will emerge that will begin to develop. Be careful what you "sow" in May, because it will certainly bear fruits after some time.

4 March – 16 March

There will be some falls and shocks in May. Progress in your life might be hampered; you could find barriers wherever you turn to. You have a "debt" to repay. The support of your parents, partners, family and friends will not be enough although you will have it. It will not be the support you expect and that will help you. Take care of your health.

17 March – 30 March

May will bring you news related to home, property, children or love. Your personal life will come to the fore. You may encounter some disappointments and incur some losses. Do not set great hopes on promises made to you, as they are unlikely to be kept. The month is good if you decide to make drastic changes in order to deal with some problems.

31 March – 21 April

In May, it may be possible for you to find yourself in the middle of a difficulty and concerns. The material side of life will be affected as well as the resources and the people with whom you are living or have close professional relationships. Life will offer you some kind of lesson. However, your environment will protect and support you; you will make some improvements that may be related to the establishment of new successful and productive relationships. You should expect a conflict in your personal life; it is possible for you to fall into discredit.

13 April – 26 April

May will make you focus on money, finance and resources. New quite risky initiatives are possible in this respect. Calculate your costs in order to avoid falling into serious trouble later. Be careful with colleagues / employees. Your private life could also be a little thorny. But overall, the month will be suitable for achievements.

27 April – 10 May

May will mark a turning point in your life. You are likely to face a slightly tougher challenges that will disrupt the stability and security in your life. You will not escape without making major changes. The most important people in your life will help and support you. May will be a very productive month and so you should take advantage of it as much as possible. Everything you create will bear good fruits later.

11 May - 23 May

May will bring a kind of closure of a life cycle. You have reached some kind of an end, a final destination and it's time to take a new path. You may face obstacles and dilemmas related to professional positions and power. If you are losing your influence, you’d better withdraw as it will be hard to restore it. If you are gaining influence - keep going. Whatever the case, you will bear a loss, something will go away from your life. So, let it go.

24 May – 6 June

Your public position will be affected in May. You will pick the fruits of what you have "sown" over time. In financial terms, this may be one of the most fruitful periods for you; you will strive to obtain benefits of any kind. A new beginning in your personal life is possible by refreshing your image and appearance.

7 June – 20 June

May will bring you a significant personal renewal. Your appearance, personality, behaviour, body and image could undergo a complete change. The material and financial side of your life will stand out. You will have a chance to get involved in new successful projects. New developments in personal and professional partnerships are awaiting you. Your personal life could also go through a stage of completion and introduction of new things.

21 June – 4 July

In May, you will go through some improvement and elaboration. Your public and professional image will be affected. The period will be suitable for achieving with ease and without much effort the things to which you aspire. You may be confronted with circumstances associated with the destruction of something achieved to date. You will have the strength and support necessary to avoid it without too much stress. Everything will be in your favour, do not miss it.
5 July – 18 July

You will undergo a kind of test in May. You may feel a lack of support in your circle and therefore, you may turn to a new one. For better or worse, you will go through the destruction of something that you have achieved in public and social terms to date. Most likely, it will be associated with a professional and friendly community. In terms of your personal life, there may also be some mild shocks with your partner.

19 July – 1 August

May will be marked with new things concerning your creativity, your personal "temple" of security, peace and comfort. Maybe you will encounter events that will remain in your memory for a long time. There may be possible challenges in your social circle, which must be overcome through releasing the people and circumstances that are inhabiting it. Good times, improvements and success will mark your private, intimate life.

2 August – 15 August

In May, your life will show you a new "path" and opportunities. The related circumstances may be a bit unpleasant, you can face some hindrances, conflicts and obstacles. But you will easily achieve your ambitions, though not without efforts. You feel like destroying, starting from scratch and you will find enough "assistants" for this purpose around. Costs are high and you may have a bad month in business terms.

16 August – 29 August

In May, you will focus on the available resources and prosperity. The public and mostly the professional side will be affected more. You may face limits, obstacles that will do you harm. It's time to learn your "lesson" which is mainly related to the partnerships and relations you establish. You will make some improvements, enhancements, namely related to them.

30 August – 12 September

May is the time when you will think about "planting" something new in your life. The creative side of your life will awaken and it couldrelate to children, family or professional projects. The public and professional side of life will be very productive, you will have the opportunity to enter into something new safely and securely. There may be some conflicts in your personal life that will drive you to go in a different direction.

13 September – 25 September

In May, you will have a lot of opportunities for growth and progress, to conquer positions. However, there may be obstacles, hindrances and competition on your way. This relates more to your social and professional life rather than to your personal life. But the benefits will be transferred there as well. You will enjoy public popularity and support. Financially, there may be stress due to increased costs.

26 September – 9 October

May will trigger issues related to fulfilment, work, and vocation in general. You will probably face competition, rivalry, more severe conditions and more problems in this regard. The material side of your life may suffer or be subjected to "bad luck." You will aspire to some kind of expansion, to search for new horizons and new "treasures." A new beginning in your personal life is coming.

10 October – 22 October

May will bring you relationships, a partnership or an association. You will probably launch a productive "family" - it can refer to children or to a new project, thus shaping your business - family. The period will be very fruitful for you in almost every aspect of life. You will be able to accept good people and responsibilities concerning your progress.

23 October - 4 November

There have been a lot of new things in your personal life and May will be no exception. This will be a particularly fruitful month for you, during which you will be able to climb up the ladder and to take a better place in social and professional terms. It will be your time for achievements, for personal development and new ventures in almost every field.

5 November - 19 November

For you, May will be another month, which will be associated with the setting of new goals in life - something like the days before graduation at university. You will see the challenges with which you will have to deal. Your social environment will undergo changes – people will come and go. In your personal life, you will focus on new achievements and in the professional sphere, you will identify new territories to conquer. Generally, you will be in a period of preparation before catching the train to a new destination.

19 November – 1 December

May can bring you some worries related to image, positions, financial condition and personal comfort. An issue related to your personal power and strength that you have accomplished so far in life may be raised. You may lose some of the support that you enjoy and so you may have to gain it again to feel safe. You may go through some extremes in your intimate relationships.

2 December – 14 December

The issue of residence, of the home, may come to the fore in May. You may recall some old memories that are not so good. Some kind of weakness, discomfort will appear that will provoke you to look for ways to cope. In May, you will be able to make some improvement in your live, to fulfil your ambitions successfully. In terms of your private life, you may lose positions, influence or control, you may face some resistance.

15 December – 28 December

May will raise the issue of marriage and partnerships (personal and professional). For some of you, this may be the month in which you will meet your future partner or you will proceed to marriage with your present one. Partnerships may be in business terms as well. May will bring a smooth upsurge, a transition to better circumstances. You may face some disapproval from others, but you would prefer to leave some social or professional circle of communication rather than comply with it.

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