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If something goes wrong in the first half of April, it will go completely wrong

26 March 2011 / 19:03:13  GRReporter
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For the others you may be the biggest rush of feelings and emotions, the most romantic person, passionate and inspirational one, whom they have once met and whom they have dreamed of, but also their biggest nightmare. So be careful - these are your sentiments, which are different every other day and without any reason. Nobody challenges them. What makes you happy today could make you cry tomorrow. If your day started with a bad mood, listen to music, avoid as much as you can contact with others. You will always find someone "guilty" for your bad mood. And the truth is that his "guilt" is only in the fact that he stood in front of your eyes.

The period April 1st to 15th for people who have a planet in the area:

4 ° - 10 ° Gemini

is a time when you may feel a strong impulse for action, for activity. To launch something. The sense of inadequacy may stay close to you and make you insecure. Do not let this insecurity hinder you and make you dig into details and plans to delay things. You can not plan everything down to the finest detail, because there is no perfect theory. Bet on your abilities. Mastery comes with practice.

The period April 1st to 6th for people who have a planet in the area:

6 ° - 12 ° Virgo

is a time when the desire or reluctance to be part of a community will come to the fore. The motive depends on the affected planet. You will be given the opportunity to find truth and loyalty in the form that you have always been looking for. Sometimes at the most unexpected place. But it is possible to experience great disappointment related precisely to this - to find that one's promises were a complete delusion. Do not be afraid to demonstrate zero tolerance and to throw the person or the situation out of your life forever.

The period April 8th to 15th for people who have a planet in the area:

21 ° - 27 ° Cancer

is a time in which it is possible that you try at all costs to organize the lives of everyone around you. But not your own. Certainly you have an objective view of the situation - family, business, life - depends on the affected planet. But before you do it wait for the others to ask you to.

The period April 1st to 15th for people who have planets in the following areas:

14 ° - 20 ° Cancer

is a period in which there are many doubts and confusion. If you are about to start or finish something, you will probably fall into complete inactivity and stagnation. Their emergence is a signal that it is necessary for you to do a complete review and make sure that the step towards a start or an end, is something that you're ready for. Because if you make this step you will have to walk all the way passing through all phases: beginning, middle and end. If you have no doubts press down the gas pedal and full speed ahead.

The period April 10th to 15th for people who have a planet in the area:

14 ° - 20 ° Capricorn,

is full of ambition. Whatever you strive for in this period the feeling of fear that you might fail may increase. This can lead to workaholism or strong adherence to the things in which you are looking for success at any cost. The greater your ambition is, the more your fear of failure makes you forget about everything else and devote yourself completely. On the other hand, now is the time to find the right people to get into the right conditions to get where you want. Just follow your "nose". You are able to feel where the "smell" of success is.

The period April 1st to 15th for people who have a planet in the area:

16 ° - 22 ° Pisces

brings a desire for withdrawal from social contacts. You may have the feeling that you "hear" the emotions of everyone, but no one "hears" your emotions. As if anyone who meets you, starts showering you with his own drama – whether it is positive or not. Even if there were people close to you, you might feel a strong need to escape from everything or to enter in direct confrontations. Use this time to create something, do not sink into self-pity. The maximum step back is the best way not to enter into conflicts.

The period April 1st to 15th for people who have a planet in the area:

26 ° Cancer - 2 ° Leo

is time for some discoveries. Discoveries that can take you to the search for new ones. It is possible to encounter some very attractive for your ideas or to attract someone to yourself with your own ideas. Dynamics in your life continues - high traffic, travel, contacts, even just digging in the library or in some old documents.

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