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"I love you" or "I love you, but I want you more"

08 October 2010 / 09:10:12  GRReporter
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Love in astrological terms

I am launching a series of articles that will cover one of the most topical issues of human life, namely the intimate partner relationships.

As now, in the time of retrograde Venus, this topic is setting the minds of almost everyone on fire in one way or another.

Whether as the question - "What am I doing with this man/this woman?"

Or - "Is it not the time things between me and Mr./Mrs. X to go in different direction?"

Or - "Do I want such a relationship, such relations?

I will pay a little more attention to love. It is a simple thing. If, however, it did not happen to people - with all their desires and expectations. When it happens between people it turns out to be something very complicated.

Too often I hear people say that harmony is most longed in love and intimate relationships. But how could they achieve this harmony? Should they be similar of a kind in character and temperament or should they supplement each other? I almost hear the common answer - "Of course, they should be similar. What of a harmony, otherwise?"

Popular astrology believes that people of Sun signs, which are aligned trigonally (120°) - for example, Aries, Leo, Sagittarius - are best suited for each other. Well, I do not agree with that. Imagine what would happen if we simply add another and another fire to a fire and ad infinitum. The result will be an inextinguishable fire. And how we will actually achieve long-term harmony, if there is nothing to oppose the fire and to tame it in time?

Imagine what would happen if all people were alike. Similarity reaches down to the genes of man. It is not just in the way of our thinking and in our behavioral characteristics, or in the physical ones.

In the beginning was the cell, the gene. And attraction, love and passion for someone start from there - from genes. Man lives and comes a day when the man dies. But our genes have other plans. They have no intention to die. They focus all their energy to reproduction, to life, they want to live. If you ask a genetic engineer, he would tell you that genes identify similarity (sameness) and difference with the genes of the other reliably, quickly and absolutely faultlessly. If they reach similarity and uniformity it is dead-end for them. They do not go along it. No way in a dead-end way - no way to pass through the impasse. Genes look for diversity. And the more diversity, the more attractive it is, because it guarantees them life.

This is exactly what happens in love. People are attracted by what is different from them themselves because this is the only way to be supplemented, to be complete beings. And because this is the only way for their genes to triumph – they find difference that guarantees them a good quality of offspring.

Therefore, love is always full of problems. Because genes scream: "Yes, yes! I want him/her, but there is always someone around who says - "Noo! He/she is not for you, he/she is very different.”

Or the opposite option - everyone tells you that someone is the right one for you, how similar you are. But your genes scratch and mutter - "No, he/she is not the right one. I do not want him/her."

Of course, there should be similar elements in the characters. They are necessary in certain life situations in order the relationships to last. The question is what these similar elements should be.

Everyone wants a partner to get along with like a beloved brother or sister. But nobody feels sexual attraction to his brother or sister. Genes do not want that.

Birthday horoscope gives us information about man’s openness – what kind of partner he/she attracts to him/herself and he/she is attracted to her/himself respectively. There are two ways to express your love in Italian – ‘Ti voglio bene’ - I want you very much and ‘Ti amo’ - I love you. Today most people say ‘Ti voglio bene’ just because they want his/her genes to reproduce themselves. Indeed, the thing called love begins from this.

Saying ‘Ti amo’ means more than just genetic attraction. This means that the attraction is already taking place in other ways. And diversity requires one to be ready to compromise in the name of the partnership because this is not necessary to get attracted to someone. It just happens. But efforts are needed to keep the relationship.

What a dilemma, huh?!

What are the factors in the horoscope, which are relevant to it all?

There are four main factors which define different facets of love and partnership. These are: physical attraction, emotional involvement, spiritual (mental) involvement. The basic astrological factors are – the axis Ascendant/Descendent, Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars.

I'll start with what Venus likes and wants.

Venus is a factor which tells us how the physical processes in terms of attraction are taking place. It defines what is important in terms of love. It shows the individual way in which we find love, how we identity it. And this individual way depends on our values in live that drive our emotions and make us put labels ‘desirable’/‘undesirable’ – be it a person, idea, experience, relationships, etc.

Venus says "I want it! I think this/he/she will give pleasure to me, will make me happy." It wants because it thinks the thing or the person will give complete satisfaction and ecstasy. And last but not least, the genes will have a chance to reproduce.

It shows what attracts us, what we would consider satisfying, the ways and means by which we try to find and get love and happiness.

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