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How should we greet Christmas without gaining weight?

07 December 2009 / 12:12:36  GRReporter
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Most of us connect holidays with long conversations with family and friends around a full table. This is not strange, because when can be the other time when we will be able to sit around the table and share the holiday atmosphere with our close ones and with food? For centuries the festive feast gathers people together and makes miracles – solves arguments, deletes conflicts, reconciles enemies. Anyway, in order to keep the holiday happy and not to overstuff ourselves we need to keep in mind some simple health advises. Because everybody will agree that feeling stuffed is not a holiday feeling.

How should we eat, in order not to burden our body and not to gain weight? Important rule is to eat often but little. One of the worst habits, which lead to gaining weight is starving. Often, when we are starving we can eat huge quantities of food, without caring about how much and what exactly we eat. This burdens the metabolism and contributes to improper digestion of nutrients in the body, and consequently to the accumulation of excess weight. The opposite is true too – when we eat often, but less quantity, our organism gets the needed energy on time and manages to digest the nutrients easier and better, without further accumulation in the body in the form of weight.

The biggest enemy of our health and body are sweets. For many of us it is probably hard to imagine the holiday dinner without any cakes on the table. What we can do is at least not to eat that many sweets at nights, because this is the time when they become fat. It is also good to remember that sugar products should not be eaten on empty stomach, because then sugar is fully appropriated by the body by reducing the stodgy feeling and the false feeling of hunger appears. In any case if we cannot resist, we should at least eat homemade sweets, marmalade or cake. We should try and avoid heavy creams and cakes with doubtful quality.

The festive feast usually has its peculiarities – the food is usually tasty but with many calories. It will be good to include products like fish, turkey, chicken or rabbit. Their meat is a great source of proteins and at the same time low on fat. Be careful with alcohol. It is not only a calorie bomb (especially cocktails) but it also creates the hunger feeling. From all drinks, it will be good to choose red wine because it is rich on antioxidants.

After a long party it is good to start your day with fruits. This will help the organism get rid of harmful toxins and gain the necessary vitamins “so we get be up on our feet”.

Let us not forget the healing properties of water. It helps get rid of harmful substances and salt in the organism. Lack of sufficient water in the body leads to salt retention, retention of salt leads to water retention, which is then excreted in the form of overweight. This is how the vicious cycle of overweight closes. A glass of mineral water in the morning on an empty stomach can be a great medicine for your body. Drinking two glasses of water before eating can help us fool hunger, because this will dilute the gastric fluid, which brings the true hunger feeling. 

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