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Before going in for sports, check your Ascendant

10 November 2012 / 15:11:00  GRReporter
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Every single day we take a look in the mirror to check what our body looks like. The physical form and particularly a good looking body are almost essential for our confidence and self-esteem. And let's face it - people always see our appearance first and that will never change. Sometimes a good looking person has more chances than an unsightly one. It is irrational, but the mind, spirit and abilities, always come second.

Today's article is about which sports we are more keen on and with which it is thus easier and more pleasant for us to keep fit. All of us have done unpleasant physical exercises. Furthermore, in the end it appears that the result is far from the desired. I know a lot of people who are literally obsessed with fitness. They spend every free minute in the gym or reading about the types of fitness equipment, muscle building and recommended programmes. And this is not always very healthy.

Like everything in life, sport should also be suitable for our body's abilities. It is important that it is easy for us to practice it without being too exhausted afterwards. The sport should also be a pleasure for us in order to see the results. There are a great variety of sports and there are appropriate ones for each of us not only to keep our body in good physical condition, but also to do it naturally, without tension, but with pleasure. When we do exercises according to the desires of the body and soul, we feel charged with vital energy. We become energetic and we do not feel tired even after long sessions. And the best thing is that we manage to keep in good physical shape.

The judgment about which sports are best suited for our particular physical type is made according to the sign in which the Ascendant and the planet which rules the sign falls. Their point of intersection will tell us which sports are not only suitable for our body, but which will also be a pleasure for our senses.

The Ascendant in the horoscope, which is also called a rising sign, is your physical environment. And the planet which rules this sign, rules your physical body as well. Finding this planet is easy - it suffices to know the sign of your Ascendant.

Ascendant in the sign of:

Aries – it is ruled by Mars

Taurus – it is ruled by Venus

Gemini – it is ruled by Mercury

Cancer – it is ruled by the Moon

Leo – it is ruled by the Sun

Virgo – it is ruled by Mercury

Libra - it is ruled by Venus

Scorpio - it is ruled by Mars

Sagittarius – it is ruled by Jupiter

Capricorn – it is ruled by Saturn

Aquarius – it is ruled by Saturn

Pisces – it is ruled by Jupiter

Those familiar with the matter will probably notice that I do not use the planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. These are the three invisible to the naked eye planets and therefore have no dominance on the things from our physical world, including our physical body.

Now read the information about the sign and the sign of the Ascendant, in which the planet ruling your Ascendant falls, to find out which sports are most suitable for your physical type. For example, if you were born with as Ascendant Sagittarius, read the information about this sign. Then check out in which sign the planet Jupiter in your birth horoscope is. If it happens to be in the sign Pisces, then read the information about this sign as well.

Ascendant in or Ruler of the Ascendant in the sign Aries

You need a lot of physical activity. Your body is designed for sport, so you usually become some of the best athletes. All dynamic sports that require using up great amounts of energy, are not only suitable, but also absolute fun for your senses. Thanks to them you literally feel the energy moving in your veins. For you, slow sports with no dynamics will not work. Fitness, to your surprise, is not a good solution, since these are activities which require you to stay in one place. Almost all sports which are dynamic and involve powerful vehicles are appropriate for you, such as sports in the form of a game and those including the greatest loads.

Ascendant in or Ruler of the Ascendant in the sign Taurus

You are one of those people who need some kind of perseverance and a slow rhythm. You need time to put your physical energy into motion. You are one of the long-distance runners, which means that you can take moderate loads, but for a longer period of time. Furthermore, the atmosphere is important, so a home with a corner of fitness equipment is the perfect sport for you. All fitness classes are suitable for you, because they require patience and persistence which is fun for you. Be sure to take into account the atmosphere and the environment in which you go in for sports. It should be pleasant and comfortable. Listen to music while doing sports, or do exercises to musical rhythms.

Ascendant in or Ruler of the Ascendant in the sign Gemini

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