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10 most common web site developing mistakes. Internet marketing for beginners.

29 December 2010 / 16:12:03  GRReporter
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7. Failing to search for similar instances of mistakes, errors, or tasks. It will probably surprise you if I tell you that many people try to find solutions to their problems or just information in all sorts of exotic ways. We've all heard that the Internet has it all but do we use it efficiently? Generally, nobody likes to surf, screen and read. Think about, however, that two hours of reading could save you months of trial and error. Use search engines, forums, email groups, even the support you pay for. I told you it sounds amazing but you would not think so when you have a person around that has turned stubborn to solve all the problems and slows down the whole project. People do not like to admit they can not cope with anything and therefore they ‘search’ in all sorts of inappropriate places. Remember: it is better to play the ‘fool’ for 5 minutes than for 5 months because you have not asked in advance. Somebody had your problem before!

8. Trying to sell something to someone without providing value first. Oh yeah! Everyone wants to sell on the Internet. It is easy, convenient, faster there. The maintenance is cheaper and it is even fashionable. But it is different! Many people that are just beginning to sale on the Internet forget their experience in ofline marketing and do not reflect the specifics of the online business. That something is sold on the Internet does not necessarily make it more attractive and easier to sell. This subject is extensive, not to say huge, but here are some important points:

- ‘Refrigerators to Eskimos’ – how to reach the target group or to learn how to sell ice to Eskimos?

- ‘Fitting room’ – how to present the product in the best possible way? Why are there fitting rooms in shops? People want to be able to ‘touch’ the product and a lot of information and pictures about it make this possible.

- ‘Recommended by the neighbour’ – where are the customer reviews on the site?

- Easy and fast – yes, but sometimes it is neither easy, nor fast as the customer finally gets tired to surf and look stupid and closes the site.

9. Entering a competitive niche. So many people want to make a site because they heard it was very successful. So many! Isn’t the red light flashing? If there are many sites and some of them are very successful, why start a venture of an established competition and of many others around that are struggling to impose?

10. Failing to take action. Many people are able to say many things written here, make good schemes, think about the next problem once they have read and explored. Do not think! Do it! The answer to a problem (or a task) very often is: "We know about it". The one that drowns is calmly and sympathetically watching the sinking of the boat.

To conclude: we turned from the general to the specific and now we will go back to the general. Planning, following specific steps properly and surveying the results are at the heart of any success. Analyzing the mistakes and even better the mistakes of others is the way to improve work efficiency and increase the chances of success of each endeavour. If you make a mistake do what sages did as they did not repeat their mistakes. Analyze and find out why you were wrong. When you do this find out what the ground of your success is. Launching a new website and related activities may seem like a routine task, especially in the hands of an experienced professional but this is not true actually. That is to create a unique product. We would like at least to be unique, right?

Get to work now.

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